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I’m 2 pounds heavier and a lot of dollars lighter than last week because we spent the last three days eating our faces off at the 12th annual Vegas Uncork’d. If you guys are fans of Bon Appetit (we definitely are) or Las Vegas, then you’ve probably heard about Uncork’d, the giant food and wine festival, held in Vegas every year. I have been drooling over this festival for what seems to be forever and this year we were lucky enough to go!

Every year around May I get major FOMO when I see all the photos of people partying in Vegas. But the FOMO I get isn’t about the panda pool parties (ok, maybe a little), EDM nights, or gambling. No, my FOMO is all about the food. Picture plates and plates of perfectly produced pastas, potatoes, and other foods that don’t start with “p”. Everything always looks delicious and it’s been a dream of mine to check it out.

There are three types of events, meals, tastings, and “classes.” The meals are hosted by celebrity chefs at their restaurants. There’s some mingling, a sit down dinner, and much drinking. The tastings are big (and smaller) events where celebrity chefs that have properties in Vegas make little tasting dishes.The chefs hang out at their booths and people mingle around and eat as much as they can while taking photos with chefs. Drinks are free flowing, the sun is always shining, and good times are abound.

The first night Mike and I went to Nobu’s 5 year anniversary dinner at his restaurant in his very first hotel, very fittingly called Nobu. There was caviar and champagne, sushi and wagyu, and the very happy, very friendly Nobu. My favorite bite of the evening was his famous black cod miso (which we did not get a picture of).

We made friends with the people sharing our table, bonding over our mutual love of sushi, sneakers, and EDM. Well, maybe not so much the EDM because even though I like it, I don’t know much about it. But, our new friend did grab Mike’s number so he could text him because he had at table reserved at Encore for Marshmello.

[bs-quote quote=”I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself. ” style=”style-19″ align=”left” author_name=”Johnny Carson” author_job=”American television host” author_avatar=””]

We skipped out on Marshmello (I wasn’t feeling well) and I’m still sad about it because it turns out that we didn’t go, but Gordon Ramsay did. Plus after our new friend invited us, I went on a Marshmello listening binge and I’m now the hugest fan. How could I not be a fan of a DJ named Marshmello!?
The next day we woke up early for a coffee Giada. It was so weird (in a good way!) seeing her in person. I remember watching Everyday Italian years ago. She was so tiny in real life – even tinier than she is on TV. We went through a little coffee tasting with Counter Coffee Culture (my favorite was the Big Trouble, a clean, sweet, low-acidity with nutty caramel chocolate hints) and had snacks from Pronto, her new fast-casual shop in Caesars Palace.

There were biscotti, breakfast sandwiches, frittata, and the prettiest Italian rainbow cake.She also told the cutest story: someone in the audience asked her what her family back in italy want her to make for them when she’s visiting. She said that as far as they were concerned, she’s still just 3 foot tall little Giada and they can all cook better than her, so she’s not allowed in the kitchen.

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