Enter CURRY HEAVEN – Mumbai's BIGGEST Thali (38 Items) + BEST Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India!

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  2. Alberto Arcos يقول

    Man I want to visit India one day…🥺

  3. Vinax Kumar يقول

    Its is 1% of the street food of india

  4. ksGR MDsDL يقول

    Look like cooking food is an all-men affair in India

  5. Tharun ff يقول

    How can you eat that much in one day.

  6. Tharun ff يقول

    Don't eat paratha with rice bro. Just try it with the curry

  7. Ecofriend يقول

    God bless I like Indian food Amen Psalm 34

  8. Ft.Skills HD يقول

    Come back Bangladesh again

  9. minh oanh nguyễn يقول


  10. Black Pearl يقول

    his style of explanation.. can make any dish delicious… 😍😍😍😍…. why didn't any food brand sine you yet

  11. Anshuman Gupta يقول

    Doesn't the guy from Thali restaurant look like Sahil From Mumbiker Nikhil's Vlogs??

  12. Danish Shaikh يقول

    Im very lucky i live in mumbai india❤

  13. Azhar Abbas يقول

    Love from Pakistan Indian food is great

  14. Amol Gaikwad يقول

    860 R.s is biggest givan monay….. sir 15.04 minutes

  15. Tikko Tikko يقول

    I am in America and my mom and dad are from Pakistan and partly from Turkey I would love to visit India someday Inshallah especially for food my favorite Indian food is butter chicken and chicken curry

  16. Reuben Sher يقول

    God…is that plate for 5 or 1 !

  17. Sarvesh Bahulekar يقول

    Proud Indian 🇮🇳

  18. Happy 2b يقول

    Awesome yummy video

  19. maxwell10206 يقول

    Too much chicken. More vegan options please!

  20. D Rock يقول

    Alot of the food seems kinda mushy

  21. DEEP CAMEROON By Baudelaire يقول

    I love that!

  22. Hannah Mbatha يقول

    I'm hungry 😐

  23. Mangla Niklja يقول

    वरीवेरी नाईस व्हिडिओ वन नंबर

  24. Ladiivploy يقول

    Look so yummy!!!

  25. Lily Vee يقول

    MR…. MMMMM!!!!

  26. Sujit Dadas يقول

    Chicha! 17:05 kya English boli!😂😂
    Center Fresh, Kaisi jeebh laplapai!😂😂

  27. Vinay kumar يقول

    mumbai food rocks and this thalli is so amazing i have tried it and i just loved it but spices played with my digestion so i just had planet ayurveda digesto plan and had this thalli again next day

  28. rashid shaikh يقول

    Best Of All 😘

  29. GZ Canada يقول

    wow i like it this video

  30. Pepperpot يقول

    Fantastic street food would love if you include area names n did videos of each area so we could bring it up n go there …

  31. Waleed Ayyad يقول


  32. Rupu يقول

    The is the only video from Food Ranger in which he gave most 10 and 9 points! Means best food ever got to FoodRanger😀

  33. Space Human يقول

    I would love to go to India one day.

  34. Dickent Frost يقول

    U spoiled the videothr moment u stated to eat..rice in the nan…?ahahaha..wat a joke

  35. Tasty Journey يقول

    I love this menu set . My stomach is growling now hahahaha.😍👍

  36. Pooja Gupta يقول

    Watch Ankur Narula Ministry on YouTube God bless you everyone

  37. Ankit Dwivedi يقول

    You'll know the secret ingredient at 12:43
    Find the treasure 🤣

  38. Tacya Santos يقول

    I would loved to visit there but I don’t got people to go with or showing me around

  39. daymon lindsey يقول

    Nastiest food on the planet. Instant diarrhea.

  40. Vikas يقول

    Me looking at thali and he starts with nan with curry and rice
    R u kidding me? That's not how it should be eaten 🙄

  41. Dyah Ayu يقول

    I wanna try Indian food 🙁

  42. Jake Luna يقول

    I have heartburn watching this!

  43. Sharp Dressed Brittons ! يقول

    ahh, the chicken Kippa masala !

  44. Sharp Dressed Brittons ! يقول

    Bombay le Torse !

  45. Sharp Dressed Brittons ! يقول

    Chef From Bombay.
    Thierry Marx !

  46. Sharp Dressed Brittons ! يقول

    I Love greek Food !!

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