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  6. Charlotte Landon يقول

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  7. ديما جميلة يقول

    Such great video, thank you

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  10. Jagraj Singh يقول

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  11. purana paapi يقول

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  12. Shivani Chhabra يقول

    Nice video, My father was suffering from LVEF dysfunction, Their EF was 38% 6 months back. Then someone
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  13. How To do it يقول

    Am 17 yr old when I wake up I feel sharp pain on left of my chest. So I reduce my breathing and the sharp pain fades away slowly. Is it heart disease?

  14. Kid with kindness يقول

    Heart …❤️…must have a strong heart to face every challenges

  15. Nolan Hanson يقول

    This was great. Had to watch this for online phys. ed. 10 (Catholic Alberta for those wondering) and while I usually experience 2-3 of the Ps of Heart Attack (paleness, tiredness, and puking/sick feelings( which never happen)) while learning about, hearing, or discussing things related to medicine (the bad things such as Cardiac arrest), I didn't really experience those (I did but it was probably a 95% reduction from the usual) so I really liked this video. Thanks to the creator(s)!

  16. Noble Ehma يقول

    I'm so happy that am cure from my heart disease with herbal medicine treatment from Dr Ehimare

  17. Veronica يقول

    Health was spelled wrong in the title of the video. Otherwise, good job, this really helped explain a lot for my class. 🙂

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    My close friends had nasty problems with her heart that often used to go crazy style and made her land in a mess. She did try some medicines but all failed. So she went on to the net and discovered Planet Ayurveda and received her Heart Care Pack that made her heartbeat in a perfect and normal way. Now she doesn't tire that easily and works for around 12 to 14 hours each day.

  20. Cotey Bradbury يقول

    Email me. I would like more info.

  21. Camila Cely يقول

    En español por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. Yaya Wahyu Aji setyaningsih يقول

    Nice video,

  23. mathe jou jou يقول

    I just found out that i might have a heart desease

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  25. Jonathan Mckeon يقول

    Please…..The title of this video is "heart disease and heart attack", not "parts of the heart"…..You have to go straight to the point.

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  27. mvp malcolm يقول

    But I can't stop eating fast food

  28. Bobbie__90210 يقول

    wow i had a heart attack at 37 and whatever he side is on pont

  29. Shubhangi Manekar يقول

    I always like to refer this because its incredible

  30. Shim Xù Offical يقول

    I love this guy voice

  31. GameFactzTV يقول

    Here's something I read on the news : Tea loosens the arteries with helps fight for the prevention of atherosclerosis. This isn't like a 100% cure, but I though it was cool.

  32. tsering choezom يقول

    Learning so much from your videos. Thank you very much.

  33. Harold, 4th of his name. يقول

    i like this guys voice :3c

  34. Urcela Umram يقول

    i Cant hear it y ?????

  35. akaMyThought يقول

    My heart got a pain and it felt like a tearing.
    What does this mean im worried it has happend before no short of breath or anything else

  36. jenifer smith يقول

    very informative

  37. Tub Hmoob يقول

    so cool. thanks for the lesson. 

  38. Flea Stiff يقول

    Just watched Heart Disease and Heart Attacks. Does Khan Academy have any videos on Surgical Treatment of Heart Disease and Post-Op pharmaceutical options?

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  40. Salah m يقول

    *watches video,

  41. GamingNinja07 يقول


  42. Jonathan Thomason يقول

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