Palestinian Food – ARABIC FEAST in Bethlehem + Jesus Birthplace in West Bank, Palestine!

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  1. Donald Abaria يقول

    You eat a lot but you’re still skinny!

  2. Herman Demello يقول

    Hii Mark Wien's I'm so impressed with your food travel i can see the best that I can't see it in my country TANZANIA I'm pleased n happy watching ur post

  3. Yevgeniy Fureyster يقول

    Arabian Christians, are my favorite people!

  4. Hajar Renate Midbrød يقول

    wow cooking in a plastic bag , real traditional and also Mother earth currently chocking on plastic pollutions a big THANK YOU FOR KILLING ME ..but as long as you can have moist chicken its all worth it right !!!! .-(((

  5. Gigi Du Van يقول

    You make me hungry

  6. Daniel Martin يقول

    If more people were like Mark Wiens, the world would be a better place.

  7. Jude Al-Mukhalalaty يقول

    Thank you for always shedding such a lovely light on Palestine and Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries and our people. The media is constantly depicting us as negative and you are single handedly showing the world that our food, culture and hospitality is rich and knows no bounds! Thank you, Mark!

  8. Love Plays Games يقول

    Healthy foods

  9. Sam Sam يقول

    I am from Palestine Gaza and my wife is from Palestine Jerusalem. We LOVED this video!! Thank you for Mark we are big fans and we love you!

  10. ibrahem mohamed يقول

    Thx ❤️

  11. thanks for promoting Palestine mark.

  12. Watch Dog يقول

    Dont get involved in Politicis dude, just cook and eat your food. You have no idea what is going on so dont say this is sad that is sad. You have no idea.

  13. Zu De يقول

    Israel call the Palestinians the terrorists the irony VIVA PALESTINA

  14. Caroline Wambui يقول

    Wow amazing tour I am from Kenya and I enjoyed

  15. gipsi v يقول

    I fluctuate between being appalled by your way of eating/table manners and wanting some of that chicken.

  16. Muhammad Arif يقول

    At 10:55 I was afraid the tray might fall to the other side. Lol

  17. Lian Fernandez يقول

    They are catholic afraid to chikens falling in there balcony

  18. Victor Ha يقول

    what's up with the gangsta driving music lol. Also, putting food on a tall ledge at 9:58 o_O

  19. Teresita Arcinas يقول

    I wanted to visit Bethlehem but never got to so thanks to Mark Wiens I virtually enjoyed the sacred place where Jesus was born.

  20. A B يقول

    How come the plastic bags did not melt in the oven

  21. Matthew Christian E. يقول

    Lol great value dr Dre

  22. Tas يقول

    He is so handsome here

  23. Seán Tynan يقول

    That family meal looks so delicious and healthy!

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