Korean Fried Chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak: 양념통닭)

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Today I want to show you an update to my spicy, crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe. It’s called yangnyeom-tongdak (양념통닭), or yangnyeom chicken (양념 …


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  1. Abel Joseph يقول

    making this like the 100th time and my family just wants more thanks so much =)

  2. Nisha Kala يقول

    Its like indian chicken lollipop

  3. Devlina Das يقول

    what do I use for RICE SYRUP substitute? Like I can use corn starch as a substitute for potato starch

  4. Milan. S يقول

    Don't be chicken too much dry after 12 minutes of frying?

  5. merlita navarro يقول

    i love ur fried chicken. thank you.

  6. 山田大暉 يقول

    so good!!

  7. Adbi Handi Food Channel يقول


  8. Dish is It! يقول

    Looks yummy

  9. via parasti يقول

    So excited to try this recipe, but i cant find rice syrup.. can I substitute it with corn syrup?

  10. Jigdrel Dorji يقول

    I love her 🙂

  11. Noorila Mohamed يقول

    Im like her accent

  12. hyunki park يقول

    Maangchi can I use honey instead of rice syrup?

  13. Rasi Haji يقول

    Pls mention the sauce and paste used to make that sauce

  14. Umesh Chandurkar يقول


  15. Vanessa Jones يقول

    Omg I have to make this!

  16. Chatushki Nudara يقول

    damm i made it super whoever is watching you should make

  17. Thuruli Perera يقول

    thank you so much for the recipie and @Maangchi

  18. Eagleeye Jones يقول

    Good thing my mother is korean. I can just order it from her =)

  19. fatin :] يقول

    maangchi is soo kyeowo :(((

  20. Athaesaru recipes يقول

    Very nice everseen… Delicious

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