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28 thoughts on “Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry

  1. يقول The Food Ranger:

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  2. يقول Payal kanchanbaras:

    Joshi club is sadly permanently closed now.

  3. يقول why issit:

    Lamb brain spegetti would be interesting. And I would bring along some virgin olive oil to drip on the mashed chickpea thingy.

  4. يقول Katan Akuma:

    There's a HUGE difference between "Chicken" and "Street Chicken" in India.

  5. يقول BTucker Videos:

    Such amazing food in Mumbai. Makes me want to visit Mumbai sometime

  6. يقول mahwish hashmi:

    You ar my and my mom favorite ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. يقول Quantum Guitar:

    You could literally eat on one dollar per day in India.

  8. يقول nilesh jadhav:

    He looted you for panipuri
    It comes at rs 20 to 30 rs

  9. يقول Tripurari Kumar:

    Please don't charge money from him. It insults our tradition of #AtithiDevoBhav

  10. يقول QUEEN ALISHA:

    Dont know why people of mumbai says we go to delhi for good food..mumbai also have great food

  11. يقول littlefoot_14:

    seeing your eyes tearing when you eat, makes me really remember India

  12. يقول Vaseem Khan Akhil:

    Hey bro come to hyderabad then lot of food is hyderabadi spicel briyane

  13. يقول mri afjal:

    Hello sir come Bangladesh district Gazipur city

  14. يقول Anonymous Phucker:

    that's a nice salmonella touch to have the live animals next to where you cook

  15. Indian foods aisa hi hota h yummy

  16. Thank you for making so many videos of India❤️

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