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JUST an FYI: I used too much spices on this recipe, you can use whatever you are comfortable with, and whatever you have on hand. the most important spices …


26 thoughts on “Arabic Food easy Recipe Chicken Maqlooba مقلوبة بالدجاج

  1. يقول Amal Maher:

    Thank u so much for this beautiful video. It's so easy to follow and has always been my guidance every Eid in preparing maqlouba for the guests.
    الله يوفقك ويبارك…

  2. يقول Balikudembe Sophie:

    After removing chicken in water do u fry it again

  3. يقول Alia Aledawi:

    I keep coming back to this recipe to make my maqlooba because honestly it is the best tasting one! A must try for anyone who wants to make maqlooba

  4. I love maqlooba. I boiled the meat slowly for an hour and peeled it from the bones, also I did not use eggplant because I just didn’t have any. I love fried eggplant though. Nice recipe, it looks delicious.

  5. يقول Arctic Circle:

    You are a good teacher in simple way you have thought us how to do…thank you …teacher ..Sincerely yours…Mohammed Aslam

  6. يقول Abdul Abdul:

    ياليت لو تسوينه مترجم عربي في ناس كثير مايعرفون انجليزي

  7. يقول Tany joe Calalay:

    hi just wanna ask if garam masala and 7 spice are the same or something? thanks

  8. يقول Joy Chua:

    thank you for the video because I learned how to make a maqlooba once again thank you keep on

  9. يقول Thomas Buxton:

    Ok so you took the chicken out and put it in the layers then you added the sauce on top of the mixture ?

    Amazing explanation thank you so much

  10. يقول Um Imran:

    MashaAllah it was very delicious and very well explained the technique. Jazak Allah Khair!

  11. يقول Batool Zohar:

    Can imake it without eggplant."."….

  12. يقول Batool Zohar:

    Looks yummy I have to cook,,,

  13. يقول Naheed Shaheen:

    nice recepi i 'll try it
    and nice arabic song
    naheed from Pakistan

  14. يقول Naheed Shaheen:

    v nice recepi i like it
    naheed from Pakistan

  15. يقول Herman Brood:

    Woooeelllah habibi, you make the maqlooba like mi granma med it yallaaa

  16. يقول Lolo Zokary:

    لو سمحتو لو بلحمه كيف نفس طريقه ولا شو ممكن تعملينا طبق بلحم بعظم

  17. very nice my husband studied in Pakistan and he ate maqlooba there. But he does it another way. This time I will surprise him by making it your way and we will see what he says. Thanks a lot.

  18. يقول Alia a:

    the best receipe for maglooba

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