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Mansaf is the ultimate Jordanian food you should try: Considered the national dish of Jordan, and a dish that nearly …


23 thoughts on “Mansaf (منسف‎) – The Ultimate Jordanian Food

  1. يقول Mahmoud AH:

    Verrrrry wonderful thaaanks Mark!!! I just have one comment, this way of eating Mansaf is the traditional way, we usually eat it with spoon


    Mr. Marke i am waiting you to visit saudi Arabia your still not coming me country, me name mohammad Alhamazani if you want support you for visit me country i am ready for helpe you thank you

  3. يقول Solaiman Prodhania:

    Stop overacting on simple food

  4. يقول A Vĩnh:

    I wish in future , this food Mansaf will appear in Vietnam ( my country ) .

    I see this food is easy cook , flavor of it is very delicious .

  5. يقول Seán Tynan:

    This food looks so healthy and delicious.

  6. يقول Jhe rhea:

    I miss this kind of food of jordan..#mansaf

  7. I once had a grandma called jameed, i said once because she changed her name in her passport

  8. يقول Zoe Life:

    faeed yeeeeesss. mansaf. no!

  9. يقول Mansaf Mansaf:

    who is watching this during ramdan

  10. يقول Mansaf Mansaf:

    I love mansaf i live by that food very good 🙂

  11. يقول Anas Benmokhtar:

    I don’t want to elaborate, Jordanian Mansaf is best meat rice dish ever.

  12. يقول ThugetzNuggetz:

    as a jordanian who eats mansaf IT IS BOMB

  13. يقول jjj ggajsj:

    وين الاردنيه

  14. يقول Anjum Sagupta:

    This is disgusting way of eating sorry mark but I felt really bad

  15. يقول hard:

    Where are you in which restaurant or hotel in jordan are you?

  16. يقول Sunayah Nay:

    I like amman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. يقول Emmanuel Joseph:

    youre simple but with a great heart…God Bless u

  18. يقول Burak Verel:

    Elle yanırmı ne pıslık yarabım bu devırde yuh

  19. يقول Sheikh Shayista:

    What a beautiful music can any body tell me the name

  20. يقول Njan Vadal:

    the food looks quit delicious . …waw. ..!

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