Mansaf (منسف‎) – The Ultimate Jordanian Food

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Mansaf is the ultimate Jordanian food you should try: Considered the national dish of Jordan, and a dish that nearly …


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  1. Mahmoud AH يقول

    Verrrrry wonderful thaaanks Mark!!! I just have one comment, this way of eating Mansaf is the traditional way, we usually eat it with spoon


    Mr. Marke i am waiting you to visit saudi Arabia your still not coming me country, me name mohammad Alhamazani if you want support you for visit me country i am ready for helpe you thank you

  3. Solaiman Prodhania يقول

    Stop overacting on simple food

  4. יעקב מוסקיטה הגדול يقول

    Im kobi and you have an amazing day

  5. A Vĩnh يقول

    I wish in future , this food Mansaf will appear in Vietnam ( my country ) .

    I see this food is easy cook , flavor of it is very delicious .

  6. Seán Tynan يقول

    This food looks so healthy and delicious.

  7. Jhe rhea يقول

    I miss this kind of food of jordan..#mansaf

  8. OfficialSafraChannel يقول

    I once had a grandma called jameed, i said once because she changed her name in her passport

  9. Nobita 33 يقول

    urdun awwalan

  10. Zoe Life يقول

    faeed yeeeeesss. mansaf. no!

  11. Mansaf Mansaf يقول

    who is watching this during ramdan

  12. Mansaf Mansaf يقول

    I love mansaf i live by that food very good 🙂

  13. Anas Benmokhtar يقول

    I don’t want to elaborate, Jordanian Mansaf is best meat rice dish ever.

  14. ThugetzNuggetz يقول

    as a jordanian who eats mansaf IT IS BOMB

  15. Chris Su يقول
  16. jjj ggajsj يقول

    وين الاردنيه

  17. Anjum Sagupta يقول

    This is disgusting way of eating sorry mark but I felt really bad

  18. hard يقول

    Where are you in which restaurant or hotel in jordan are you?

  19. Sunayah Nay يقول

    I like amman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Emmanuel Joseph يقول

    youre simple but with a great heart…God Bless u

  21. Burak Verel يقول

    Elle yanırmı ne pıslık yarabım bu devırde yuh

  22. Sheikh Shayista يقول

    What a beautiful music can any body tell me the name

  23. Njan Vadal يقول

    the food looks quit delicious . …waw. ..!

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