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18 thoughts on “Kabsa Saudi Recipe _ How to Make Kabsa _ International Cuisines

  1. يقول Sara Hesham:

    Im Saudi and this looks so good you really nailed it

  2. يقول Char Sepalika:

    How many pounds of lamb is that

  3. يقول Annet Namulunda:

    My going to make this now for my boss I will tell you the outcome inshallah

  4. يقول Umar Farooq:

    I cook food.
    Naaz delicious recipe

  5. يقول Lovely Unicorn!:

    Which basmati rice please

  6. يقول lujane cuvnes:

    Yes kabsa is different from biryani but taste delicious both

  7. يقول ekcian:

    wow sarap miya2x salamat sa video

  8. يقول S S:

    Fresh tomatoes is way better than canned

  9. يقول S S:

    Yes they missed pepper and salt and I mean chilli pepper ieeeh!!!! How can you forget chilli and salt

  10. يقول EMILY APRIL:

    it looks yummy i love middle east foods

  11. One of the best dishes I have seen. Well done and thanks for sharing Chef.

  12. يقول Remelyn Rojas:

    Hi po pwd ba kahit ano rice lng kahit hindi basmati rice? Thanks

  13. يقول Danial Khan:

    Love Altazaj Kabsa from Saudi

  14. يقول Lawalis soukoukou:

    آكلات تونسية رائعة شاركو فيها

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