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Learn how to make Kabsa recipe @Cooking with Asifa .Very easy step by step Arabian Kabsa video tutorial. Enjoy this homemade restaurant-style chicken …


39 thoughts on “Kabsa | Chicken Kabsa | Arabian Kabsa Rice Dish @Cooking with Asifa

  1. اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم ❤

  2. يقول aliya aziz:

    Where can I get dry lemon I live in Karachi

  3. يقول Farida Mohammed:

    Mashaallah nice. Whats dry lemon.? Instead of lemon wat can we use

  4. يقول جانمي:

    مرحبا. لوسمحتي. ترجمه. بالغه العربيه. ربي. يسعدك دوما. عيدك مبارك. اللله يخليكم. رد عليا. او اسوئها. بكره

  5. يقول Mario Trickster:

    Hi looks awesome, how long do you put the rice in boiling water ? I didnt see any information about that, thanks

  6. يقول Maryam 12:

    Thxs for teaching me n am going to make it now

  7. يقول Islander Supot:

    After I watched this now I am ready to prepare for my friends. Thanks

  8. Whoever is watching and reading this God bless you and your family and may He give you happiness, health, wealth and successful life

  9. يقول Nuraini Ahmad:

    Finally I found the easy recipe for kabsa rice, I'm Malaysian n I used to live in Saudi before

  10. يقول Kanmani Kanmani:

    Today make very good taste

  11. يقول sani simon:

    This is kabsa??????? Oh my god I think this is new version of kabsa

  12. يقول CE' GU IFFAH:

    I Like It, Thanks Information About Rice Kabsah .I From Indonesia

  13. يقول Brtkuan Sime:

    Woww nice subscrib from Ethiopia
    and i try today this food cocking

  14. يقول R Gadda:

    Nice how u maintain utensils plz share

  15. يقول lilet dizon:

    Thank u so nice …. yummy

  16. يقول صنع بحب:

    ماشاء لله بتوفيق اشاء لله يارب

  17. يقول Cathy Ybanez:

    How many minutes to soak the rice on the water. tnx

  18. يقول Sameer Sameer:

    Asslamu alaikum
    Madam ji Aap ka Kabsa bahut Accha bana hae…

  19. يقول Aysha Said:

    Thnx for teaching use

  20. يقول Raihana niazai:

    Its looking nice.
    its nearly like chicken biryani but almost diffrent one.
    I've tried this chicken qabasa, it was good, but the chicken was like alll the flavor and masala was gone.
    after oven and dam.
    yup, and I wait till one night for the chicken.

    The taste was nott so best of qabasa, but not bad.

  21. يقول Mumtaz Ahmed:

    Yess Asifa ji same hai very nice

  22. يقول Shakila Khan:

    Kabsa main tamoto peast bhi dal tay hain

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