ISTANBUL STREET FOOD will BLOW YOU AWAY!! Turkish Street Food HEAVEN – Adana Kebab + Pickle Juice!

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Kemeraltı Bazaar in Izmir: Iskender Kebab in Bursa : Amazing street food can be found all around …


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  1. Luke Martin يقول

    What did you think looked the most delicious in this episode? One more episode from Istanbul coming up soon!! Next is Lebanon! Follow us here : &

  2. Alanna Adin يقول


  3. Alanna Adin يقول


  4. Alexander Smith يقول

    How can you call this video “street food” when you just go to restaurants and established businesses? Street food is food you actually buy from… the street.

  5. MAUR ICE يقول

    Their country is so clean and peaceful

  6. MAUR ICE يقول

    Turkish cuisine is one of the best foods in the world

  7. Dapur bu Kris يقول

    wow nice video, i love Turkish foods

  8. Dear Danielle يقول

    New subcriber here.

  9. nobuddynew يقول

    I thought you were gonna show food.

  10. Jeffrey Rosenfeld يقول

    I don't like muslim countries but they look soo respectful

  11. Gheorghe Ivan يقول

    @Imi place să mănânc aici

  12. GTOP Cap Oldies Avignon. يقول

    Looks like Mark Wiens what a horror !!!!

  13. b2 - 4ac يقول

    Geminin içindeki balık-ekmek satan yerler mafya. O adamların hepsi mafya 🙁

  14. Tasty Journey يقول

    It is a food haven on earth indeed…I love Turkey I love Istanbul.

  15. Tremendous Watcher يقول


  16. Mariya Shaikh يقول

    Hey turks! Which city is the best to live in? And to do food business? Kindly share.

  17. John Doe يقول

    Been to turkey on holiday like over 10 times, i really like the people over there. Once i got tired of the typical turist food so i whent where the locals eat. Man those spicy clay pots with lamb, melted cheese, tomatos, rice, the red cabbage and the bread on the side was the best food ive ever had, still to this day

  18. Jasni Abu يقول

    hi … if you can up load de GPS location will be much better.

  19. II.Mahmud يقول

    Jfkfkfkfkf ulan adama kılcıklı balık vermisler. Adam bile degmez diyo fkkfkfkfkfd

  20. Hayatta Yaşananlar يقول

    As bayrakları as as a sa sasasaasas

  21. Kishor Das يقول

    I think turkey is most beautiful country with beautifull people.

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