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Today I will be showing How to make Pakora. Pakora is another tasty delicious very popular family favourite in homes and restaurants. Normally a starter to …


16 thoughts on “How to make Pakora | Onion Bhaji | Indian Cooking Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Cook with Anisa

  1. يقول Black&White:

    Thx a lot Anisa! Luv all abt u. Clear, precise instructions. V gd cook! Keep it up girl! ♥

  2. يقول Abou Saif:

    Hahaha english women hahaha

  3. يقول Z A:

    Where is the pan from and what is it called?

  4. يقول Zainab Haji:

    I’m here again after long time. I will try these soon one of the days in Ramadaan Insha Allah.

  5. يقول shaira talukdar:

    Hey, do you have to use rice flour or can you use 2 cups gram flour?

  6. يقول N Fa:

    Best Pakora ever made on you tube !

  7. يقول N Fa:

    So you'are getting no Thumbs up

  8. يقول N Fa:

    Too tasteless without the good old GARLIC!!!

  9. يقول esther singh:

    Thank you sooo much I have just learned not to much water or it will turn soggy. Iam going to try your recipe.

  10. يقول Jeff Foehringer:

    What type of oil is used? What is the correct temperature for the oil?

  11. يقول Cathy Mannix:

    Mmmmmm these look so yummy!! XxXxXx

  12. يقول Hanan Pendon:

    If make food you can use cloves

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