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You can give me that Maqloubeh any day child!” These people love Syrian food. Have you tried it? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!


36 thoughts on “Americans Try Syrian Food For The First Time

  1. يقول DANIEL:

    Im Syrian and ive never and would never eat masarin it looks horrible lol

  2. يقول لؤي غنام:

    There are a lot of similarities among the food of Greek, Turkish, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian and Lebanese people. For a long period of time, all these countries were parts of the Othman Empire so their people were mixing slowly and copying good things from each other
    【4K】Footage | Walking Through Damascus – SYRIA 2020 | Capital City Tour Guide | Street Scenes UNCUT
    This is the title of a video of Damascus the capital of Syria (the oldest inhabited capital in the world) with 4K quality and a duration of 2 hours and 27 minutes

  3. يقول Bobby Dups:

    As an Arab I always thought stuffed intestines and goat stomach were gross.

  4. يقول Adnan Nfs2003:

    Very funny goofy faces you guys make, BEFORE EVEN TRYING THE PLATE, you should have presented the Syrian food in a better way tho.
    I'm Syrian and i didn't like this at all
    I also don't think the food was prepared by a Syrian chef.

  5. يقول Jason Thornton:

    don't act like you aint had guts before

  6. يقول Jason Thornton:

    come on girl you know you eat chitlins

  7. يقول Peace Ice:

    It's a lie Syrian don't drink alcohol, it's a Turkish thing this alcohol is made in Turkey

  8. يقول Tony Bakkar:

    Them butchering the pronunciations annoy me so much as an Arab myself

  9. يقول Roshel Hass:

    Nooo it's not yougurt!

  10. يقول Roshel Hass:

    Yesss, Syria my home town ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    You forgot Shawarma and kebab. Good video though and im from Syria

  12. يقول Panikatthealways:

    As an arab person, listening to them pronounce arab words is hilarious to me

    But I'm just saying you can't have the full arab food experience unless the food is made by our mother or grandmother

  13. يقول Rogue-Spear:

    Men don't actually behave like this. They're like teenage girls.

  14. يقول Jessica Johnson:

    Who’s here for Keith and Ned ?

  15. يقول Kitana Kahn:

    As a syrian person we don’t drink alcohol at all also how can you be grossed out by masreen yet you eat hot dogs which also has intestines btw like what so you think the shiny outside casing is it’s either pig or cow intestines

  16. يقول Nabeeh Abdulsamad:

    this is so hard to watch as a Syrian hahaha

  17. يقول Alex Meyer:

    They probably don't know that sausage is also just a stuffed intestine…

  18. يقول DJ Fuss:

    I’m Syrian and I can say that this is not Syrian food this is food from a little village in between Syria and Kuwait called jabal ras airey

  19. يقول Hussein Safa:

    I talked arabic I'm lebanees

  20. يقول Alex:

    The masareen rn my mum and auntie are making them im just watching them ewwww

  21. يقول Hey It's Cami:

    I really want Syrian food now…

  22. يقول Michelle French:

    These adults are more freaked out and afraid to try things than the kids in the Hiho videos.

  23. يقول water melon:

    I love watching this video over and over again

  24. يقول Jads channel:

    I'm Syrian and the music is so nice

  25. يقول Noora S:

    whoa whoa whoa since when was kishk eaten w out bread? when I saw them eating it straight up I was like, "what the- where's the bread yo"

  26. يقول risk risk:

    I'm Syrian and this was funny !

  27. يقول Boss Hog:

    How do Syrians drink alcohol ??? I thought they were Muslim

  28. يقول MURTA A:

    At 2:25 they said my love eat eat eat up my love I'm arabic but I didn't understand anything

  29. يقول Jessica F:

    Why all these comments about “cringing” over their Arabic? It’s not the international language, so no, most people outside Arab countries haven’t heard enough to know pronunciations. I don’t mind the comments saying that their attempts at Arabic are adorable or cute. But the ones being offended or “cringing” over the pronunciation should really just stop. People are supposed to know pronunciations of 5,000+ languages on Earth? Every single one of these videos is people “cringing” over Americans pronunciation of languages they have no way of realistically knowing. Americans hear foreigners and migrants butchering English countless times a day, but we don’t start laughing and telling them their pronunciation makes us cringe. Nor do we go to YouTube videos of foreigners just to tell them that their English is “cringe”. English is the international language of diplomacy, science, technology, and entertainment…so there’s even less excuse to butcher English pronunciation due to the unavoidable passive exposure.

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