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To help support first-time kitten foster parents, I’m teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster …


18 thoughts on “Webinar 3: Keeping Kittens Healthy

  1. يقول Luz R Torres:

    What an amazing thing you’re doing to help these kittens and give them an opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. I just found a six week kitten on the street in the hot Texas weather. I took her to the vet yesterday, he said thar apparently she also has a congenital malformation or maybe trauma in her thorax – chest. My heart aches to hear the diagnosis. Good thing is that she’s eating well and seems healthy otherwise, she also playful, active, but breaths too fast. She so sweet and adorable.

  2. يقول Ahdeerah Mustun:

    Hi I like to care for the little kittens I need your help

  3. يقول Little Gamer:

    My 4 week old kitten hasn't pooped in a few days. I've tried massages and stimulation but it hasn't worked. What should I do?

  4. Wish I had kitten they’re so cute

  5. يقول Jamil Ahmad:


  6. يقول Maryam Dossa:

    I really wanted to foster so i called my local animal shelter and they said i couldnt because i already had a cat. 🙁 im going to try the further animal shelter and hopefully that will work out

  7. يقول katiakatiakat:

    you're really quite amazing Kitten Lady

  8. يقول kat cruz vlogs:

    I have 4 cats and 4 dogs. Thank you for everything you do.

  9. يقول Ariana Reid:

    I was staring at chickpea

  10. يقول Ariana Reid:

    I was mostly looking at the pictures

  11. يقول Awesome Ava:

    We love you Kitten Lady

  12. God bless remember God love u he sent his son to die for u and he made u if it was not for him you would not be alive God bless

  13. يقول Mobster Crow:

    i might get a 3 month old kitty from the shelter hes an orange tabby i have a 3 year old orange tabby named tiger woods then i have a female mackerel tabby named ginger

  14. يقول Isaac Abraham,:

    Do you have kittens kittens cats

  15. يقول Stephanie Kratz:

    Do you have any British shorthair kittens

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