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Hey there DevSquad, Virtus here and today we show you how you can setup a player health system for your video game project complete with a UI health bar.


36 thoughts on “PLAYER HEALTH & DAMAGE in Unreal Engine 4

  1. يقول christoffer lewis:

    thank you the damage thing helped a lot

  2. This a superb video – subbed!

  3. يقول Abdulla:

    Thank you for the tutorial, but I couldn’t do that for VR. I I stuck when I went to write get to “control motion” what I should do for VR ?

  4. يقول DariusSlayer:

    One of the best beginner tutorials on YouTube. You made it seem so easy. Thank you for the help!

  5. يقول Patrick Lherisson:

    When I go through the damage box, it takes all my health away even though I'm only taking away .1

  6. يقول mr.krompercek:

    not working for me guys

  7. يقول Timothy Miller:

    This was exactly what I was looking for TYVM

  8. يقول Kerem Efendioğlu:

    hello great video… but 4,26 says object is undetermined, as a fatal error.

  9. يقول common_ studio's:

    how do I make death and respawn do u have a tutorial for that too?

  10. يقول Enimenty:

    Can you Help me, Event Begin Play does not exist for me. do you know how to fix this?

  11. يقول Andre:

    Quick note: binding hud directly to variables may be a bit costly since it updates on every frame, it might be better to use event dispatcher to call and bind only whenever the health variable is affected, and not every frame

    also quick note: im a beginner so take the advice with a grain of salt. i took the words exactly from ue4 live training on youtube themed "BlueprintCommunications",, it's a bit of a long video but is chocked full of very good info

  12. يقول Brick:

    You got 4k video quality good for you:)

  13. يقول JeTy Therian:

    i followed all the steps and didnt get the healthbar on the bottom whats wrong

  14. يقول King Ender:

    is this only for third person

  15. يقول stormr:

    Please help! My bar is white and cannot see the damage or health pickups, how do I fix this. I followed the tutorial exactly. thanks in advance for any help

  16. يقول Vijay Tk:

    This is not working in unreal engine 4.25 … damn

  17. يقول Drew 500:

    How do I make it so the object taking away/giving health is visible?

  18. Thanks alot, I have been searching for a working health system with progressbar and this still works in 4.24 🙂

  19. يقول Smiler3d:

    How to make the player dead if the health is 0?

  20. يقول Blandy8521:

    Thank you so much. You explained this a lot better than other tutorials I found.

  21. يقول BloxKindom:

    can you make a game over screen tut

  22. يقول MBL:

    what is exactly going on in the overlap event? I lose double the amount put into the float minus float. it "ticks" twice

  23. يقول MBL:

    I am not even done with the video and I think this video is a good tutorial

  24. يقول iSwan:

    Why is my health bar white and not the color I put it as and it does not get affected

  25. يقول SOLICITY:

    ayy yo this tutortial is amazing and i was hoping if you can teach us how to make a automatically interactable surface like it glows yellow and if you jump and still falling but reach a certain hit box it shows you holding on to the ledge

  26. يقول alazko:

    Thank you! Loved the tutorial! Very easy to keep up and great explanation!

  27. يقول Quinn Priest:

    my health bar shows empty when i play any reason why this is?

  28. يقول Schweetz Sister:

    the return Node Said my Target Health isnt compatible with Float and cannt be connected to Return Value inside Return Node

    pls help me 🙁

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