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  1. Timothy Kramer يقول

    My mom had not money….

  2. Timothy Kramer يقول

    You can thank Joe Biden for that

  3. Timothy Kramer يقول

    The world has got to change with the Looting to destroying this country that killing that needs to change we all are one country and it doesn't matter what color you are cuz that's just a joke

  4. Vaughn Walker يقول

    I have to take a major health change to ensure a safe environment for my family. No more liquor, bad food, weed, booze it’s over.

  5. Joe Smith يقول

    Stick it to the system that creates illness and profits by providing high cost treatments that are lifelong and don't cause us to get better. Go whole food-plant based (WFPB) and solve the problems of diabetes, heart disease, weight problems, stomach problems in the vast majority of cases. Big corporations design food to be highly addictive without regard for the long term health of those Americans who are vulnerable. Look at Dr. Mcdougall's color picture book. it's free and I'm on it and never paid a dime for anything in the program: I solved high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high resting heart rate and weight issues.

    Or try any of the other whole food-plant based programs. Get your whole communities to get on those programs and working with doctors so when the blood sugar comes down they can adjust the medications, adjust blood pressure medications. It will be the biggest shock against the profit centers of those exploiting vulnerable populations.

    The trick is finding good foods and having faith that you can have total satiation with some of the many foods and recipes that are available: and cheap, too.

  6. TheManInTheMasks يقول

    There is nothing wrong with inequality of outcomes between identity groups

  7. Hakeem Sd70M يقول

    It's too bad most inner city black communities lack access to healthcare facilities, grocery stores, among many, many other things.

  8. David O Ugbe يقول

    Love this… self accountability and change.

  9. Person X يقول

    Anyone here for COM ?? جماعة الطب بالفيصل

  10. GEAR of TONES يقول

    I can't imagine what it's like to live in a country where you have to worry about paying health bills. So glad we do it collectively through taxation and help each other collectively.

    The insurance system is heartless and immoral.

  11. mack cummy يقول

    Don't peel the cuke.

  12. mack cummy يقول

    Glad I'm Canadian.

  13. Rachel Wycliffe يقول

    That doctor's comment discussing why people don't invest in their health seemed extremely insensitive and ignorant, especially for someone working in Baltimore.

  14. OffTea يقول

    i will remember this woman and this morgan freeman until i stop breathen

  15. TL Nino يقول

    Great video

  16. Kordon87 يقول


  17. G Brown يقول

    2020 spring…social distancing will not allow shaking of hands…hopefully systemic solutions will arise. Peoples Health is the Countrys future hope…

  18. G Brown يقول

    invest in your health if money is an obstacle…stand in mindset, fight back with better choices…poor sector is eat or pay out of pocket for expensive heathier choices. Option is be anther statistic or be a better determinant as one disproportionately dealt with as excluded from the table of policies… a difference in someone's lifetime even not ones own…a liberated future…yes… amputees, heart disease,, victims of environment…etc.., voting matters but daily..being courageous and strong and push for training and better choices of high quality healthcare to communities of need…its not a poor people problem. Its a global community challenge. God bless us who succumb to the effects of choices and non choices to historical disproportionate factors,…thank you for your strength in the struggle!! you impact well. you got it right. rally the communities today…and tomorrow with videos like these. you impact the future…as long as we live. rest in peace…rest in faith… to all suffering under health disparity

  19. World Nature Video يقول

    Amazing health information. Wonderful video. Great job.

  20. Arman Islam يقول

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  21. G Brown يقول

    thank you

  22. Revolutionarydoc يقول

    So sad to see this. People thinking it is diet choices- but it is social determinants of health by policies. This is bullshit. Patients do not invest because they cannot. Because of systemic racism. Healthcare systems are dangerous and violent institutions including John Hopkins. They are hyper capitalistic machinery where all forms of racism intersect- capitalism, policing,, bias, incarceration etc. This video is a poor way of explaining the real root causes of disparities. As a doctor who is heavily invested in fighting these systems this video makes me want to make video showing the true reality of these systems intersect .

  23. sarah chan يقول

    The story is inspirational especially to students of public health. I will share it to my students. Thank you.

  24. Nicole AllmondJoy يقول


  25. Bruh-Films يقول

    This is nice

  26. THE GOD OF FRIES يقول

    0:002:12 Health Class Period 3

  27. Amoni C. يقول

    Invest in your health real talk.

  28. Bushido Brown يقول

    Elijah Cummings being in this video doesn't help. He hollered, screamed and championed for all other groups but his own. Baltimore is his legacy and proof of that.

  29. Marshall horton يقول

    Universal healthcare now!

  30. E Ross يقول

    Love this… self accountability and change.

  31. Spillow يقول

    eye opening

  32. Princess Haley يقول

    Touching and truth

  33. Velicia Hiley يقول

    Thank you for posting this Johns Hopkins.
    I believe healthcare miss the curve to change the system in the 80s when HMO/PPO came into play.
    Healthcare is antiquated because we have allowed it to be. I can remember community healthcare mobile units. They a gave checkup, immunizations and followed up in community clinics.
    The disconnect It how diet & exercise play key roles in healthcare.
    When will we make the connection to slowly close the gap????

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