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Most of Android smartphones doesn’t offer removable batteries on their smartphones. Even,OnePlus has made it really hard to swap out an older degraded …


43 thoughts on “How to check Battery Health of OnePlus Smartphones

  1. يقول TechiBee:

    Energy Notch (camera notch) as battery indicator for OnePlus 6T :
    Oneplus 8 Series received Oxygen OS 11 based on Android 11 Developer Preview 2 w/ Media Resumption :

    Enable new hidden FNATIC wallpapers on Oneplus 7 Series :

    MIUI 12 First look on Oneplus 6 And Oneplus 6T Android 10 :

    OnePlus 7&7T Series gets New OxygenOS Beta 16/06 with new moments section in Game Space & July patch :

    OnePlus Launcher 4.5.7 adds swipe down toggle but Google feed (Discover) still missing :

    Official Oxygen OS Android 11 Developer Preview 1 for Oneplus 8 & 8 Pro:

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  2. يقول SPARSH:

    6t – Serious loss 78%

  3. App not installing in OnePlus 6t

  4. يقول Praveen Pagalavan:

    i am using oneplus 5t and my battery health is 68%

  5. يقول mitsu:

    the app no longer works. (android 11 OnePlus 6t)

  6. يقول R3NJ1TH:

    My OP6 is at 79% after 2.5 yrs… I think about changing after android 11 ( if it comes out )

  7. يقول Shivam Kapoor:

    Mine is at 75%. Oneplus 6

  8. يقول Ayush Arora:

    OnePlus 5 serious loss (72%)


    its not working on my Oneplus7t earlier it was working what might be the issue please anyone let me know

  10. يقول suuriya Stunner:

    I have been using OnePlus 7 for past 2 years…and my battery health is 82…is there is anyway to improve the battery percentage like from 82 to above it

  11. يقول Stylish Shiva:

    My Mobile was OnePlus 5t how to check battery life nd expiry please tell me bro ..

  12. يقول Ashu Bhatt:

    Bhai one plus 6 ki original battery cost kya rahegi

  13. يقول sahil:

    OnePlus 1 battery is 10%

  14. يقول Saurav Kumar:

    OnePlus 6 – battery state is 76%

  15. يقول Bhavya Joshi:

    Hi! In the battery health status it doesn't show that it's warp charge in my oneplus 5 it's just blank any reason why? And my battery health is 80% but I've noticed that battery gets over a lot faster so should I replace it? I want to use it for longer time, almost 4 years used it

  16. يقول P A T E L:

    My battery health is 76%
    Should i replace the battery?

  17. يقول Amulya GC:

    I have oneplus 6 and my battery health is 74 percent, should I replace the battery.

  18. يقول uday mahesh:

    not able to download from apk mirror

  19. يقول Balay Rahul:

    What about one plus 6 battery percentage is 82

  20. يقول Dhammm:

    Says app not installed on plus 6

  21. يقول Girish Reddy video:

    Hi bro my divase iss one plus 6 battery is 80 %heath but this is only stand on 2 hour stand

  22. يقول Jaiwant Natarajan:

    will this work in custom roms too??

  23. يقول Aquib Ansari:

    using Oneplus 5 purchased on 2017.. it showing battery health is 68% serious loss

  24. يقول Tushar Gujarathi:

    I have One plus 5 and my ohone abruptly shuts down when battery is below 40-45% no matter what i am doing on phone. So does this means my battery is damaged?

  25. يقول Allan Andrade:

    How to check this now bro? As that app dosent work/get installed I want to check of my OnePlus nord


    I have 9r should I try this app?

  27. يقول DaveFTW:

    I find it hilarious you have 80% in battery state with your OnePlus 5 and it shows Healthy. I have 79% on my OnePlus 6 with 79% of battery life and shows "Serious loss", lol.
    Note: never replaced battery and bought in May 2018

    Thanks for the app link and the video!

  28. يقول Sanjay Varma:

    My battery state was 83 in oneplus 5t

  29. يقول Bende Vittal Rao:

    Serious loss 78% can I continue this battery

  30. يقول anuj kumar:

    I have a OnePlus 8t and it's not working in 8t

  31. يقول Nilesh Yadav:

    Thank you for this video , was looking for a way to check battery health for a long time and my search end here!

  32. يقول Rahul Rihal:

    My oneplus 3 battery health is 86% does it comes under protection plan ??

  33. يقول ss:

    I Didn't understood…. What It's mean,..
    when i charge the Battery health means It's showing 90% not 100% right?

  34. يقول PRAJWAL Patil:

    Brother nord ke liye kese hota hai

  35. يقول Nischal K:

    Failed to install apk.. it says apk not installed… I'm using a OnePlus 7 with Android 10

  36. يقول Harshad Panchal:

    Hello, I am using OnePlus 7T since March 2020 now Battery health is showing 87 %. And the phone's battery is also draining very fast almost half a day after fully charged.

    Please help what can be the issue & how to solve it.

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