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  1. Fatima Roriz يقول

    Gratidão, por tudo que disse! Me comprometo cada dia mais ser esta onda de Esperança!

  2. Silvavitorsilva Silva يقول

    Fun Fact: The blacks guys only want white women's, each time more, and black women's, each time less, so, tell me again where is the real racis??

  3. Laurie Berry يقول

    And it is not about the YouTubers race. It is about their words. Just because I am white, it doesn’t mean that I am unaware of white privilege. He says race isn’t your future. Myself, I am average. I am a minority myself. Although I am white. I had trouble getting a job because I didn’t know my rights that I don’t have to reveal everything about me. I don’t like the Kennedy’s. This man doesn’t know everything and seems grandiose. It seems like grandiose can cause success. People believing they know more than me cause they don’t have a diagnosis.

  4. Walter Mwambazi يقول

    As one who has given a TEDx Talk before on a subject that touches on racism, this talk is very enlightening and really helps highlight something I as an indigenous African simply had absolutely no clue about. I challenge those who are watching to also research further on what he touched on about inferior medical attention toward minorities. It is a very sad reality especially when one thinks of America as the "land of opportunity".

    May God help more African Americans awaken and actively fight to change this subtle racism.

  5. E J يقول

    Really good insighful presentation. I would love to see him have a group meeting with Thomas Sowell, Bob Woodson, and Ben Carson. Bob Woodson a civil right leader has been really working hard to raise the standards of the black community, Thomas Sowell a black economist has done many studies on history etc regarding slavery etc. The sad thing that I see that has hurt the Black Community more than anything is the Democratic Party. Like Joe Biden said…you ant black if you don't vote for me. That should say it all. Yes this country can do better especially if they repent and turn back torwards God.

  6. -- يقول

    We need Dr D Williams to come to the UK. A survey claims racism does not exist April 2021.

  7. Mark D يقول

    ALL white American people who are not actively engaged in eradicating Racism are as responsible for the daily criminal violations of non-whites in this country. Why!? Because the racist system in America has unjustly benefitted the white people while non-whites are continually and extremely disadvantaged in all aspects of this racist system. So if you're white and you're not actively fighting against racism in this country…you are the problem.

  8. Darin Douglas يقول

    I was married to a black woman, we where together 18 years. We never had a race issue, should couldn't recount a issue when I asked her. Yet after reading White Fragility she began to test me for secret racism. How does that reference to bias?
    John McWhorter talked about this in his (youtube) video It Feels Good To Be A Victim (especially when you're not). Where he stated white and black people are raised differently. Whites are taught racism is bad, blacks are taught racism is hidden, and even some make it a point of identity to find it.

  9. uda wyma يقول

    The Royal family had been racist for centuries. It is ridiculous to think that this is a single incident.

    William- your Family and Country's "History" … in Europe and Africa…begs to differ.

    England and its Royal Family have desecrated Africa and Blacks for centuries!

  10. ALMAHI ALI يقول


  11. Shannon McIntyre يقول

    It would be a true shame if just because I was white, I was presumed to be racist for calling attention to a contradiction in speech. Which, there are some who know, that I would do it to anyone. No matter their color, as it has been done to me as well. No disrespect intended.

  12. Shannon McIntyre يقول

    You have stated a contradiction..

  13. Shannon McIntyre يقول

    How can you state those statistics and then quote Plato which says the exact opposite of equality? I'm a white woman, maybe there was something I missed.

  14. Shannon McIntyre يقول

    It's very sad. Because it's not only black. It happens to anyone not white. Or if their nationality differs. I.E. Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Irainian, Mexican. It really sucks. Not everyone feels that way.

  15. James Bond يقول

    Just another sob story by a racist black bigot trying to blame white people for the deficiencies and shortcomings of his "people".

  16. BTS ARMY يقول

    It’s just a small detail, but did some of you notice how the sponge of his microphone around his head has the same colour like his skin? It’s like the new bandaids for darker skin tones or the new ballerina shoes for black dancers. It’s quite sad that it actually took so long that the Color of a darker skin tone is finally getting recognition in everyday supplies. Like scissors for lefties (a really BAD comparison but the only one i could think of rn)

  17. Crissi M يقول

    I am in a country where I rarely see black people but we do have our own minorities. From cultural minorities to the impoverished.

    This video truly is an eye opener for me as it should be to a lot of people. I might not be in America or any other country where it is as easy to see racial differences but what he says makes perfect sense to me. People who does not accept this truth is pretending to be blind.

  18. Karen MB يقول

    I see and or experience what is talking about.

  19. echinas cetan يقول

    he confuses corralation with causation.

  20. Samantha Nicole S. Magpantay يقول


  21. Mary يقول

    Racism = negative/toxic stress = illness/disease.

  22. Gwendolyn Foote يقول

    The mind is a powerful organ and factor. Native American life span was 42-45 years of age until recently, but still less than the majority population of white people.

  23. Kimberly Timpone يقول

    Racism is one of the many social determinants of health. These are factors that we have the power to change. We need to have more conversations about this and prioritize the health of all of our citizens. https://youtu.be/8PH4JYfF4Ns

  24. Gummy Goodness يقول

    breaths in mixed

  25. Carmen Isabella يقول

    David R. Williams, you are a great speaker. Thank you for providing all these facts. I appreciate your work. I posted this on my snapchat story. Everyone has to watch this video because we can do better!!

  26. Sea Hawks يقول

    The vast majority of people just wish you'd leave them alone, why is that so hard to understand, live and let live, that's the majority, not the minority of the way the masses think, no matter the color. This is innate human emotions, period.

  27. El Lobo يقول

    These claims are absurd. No actual evidence is provided to support his arguments. He fails to mention diet, exercise, genetic differences, etc that have a far more significant effect on health and lifespan. Not to mention the quality of environment that African American youth grow up in. What he is talking about is not a scientifically based study. The questions he used to “support” his claims of racism are all opinion based. Racism is an issue in our society but people like to infer that it’s effects are far more significant than they actually are.

  28. guuuuuuuum يقول

    Why all the dislikes? You people are just proving the man's point here.

  29. Georgina Francis يقول

    great speech. very informative

  30. Wilbert Walcott يقول

    Thank you very much doctor. This is the only solution.replace the system of racism which is white supremacy with a system of justice.

  31. Wilbert Walcott يقول

    Time was when Dr Frances Cress Welsing was the only one who did research, documented and spoke much about this issue. She was the only voice in the world. She stood alone with practically no support.

  32. Andrea يقول

    What is the book name?

  33. KoolHandDuke يقول

    Why must it be this way? If there is a God in heaven he can't be happy with Caucasians.

  34. Ochen C يقول

    Cishet, white, nurotypical, abled, men have been seen as the default human. That is normal, and every thing that brings us farther than that seems to bring us farther from being seen as fully human. This needs to stop.

  35. Queen Nefertiti يقول

    Rayyyyyyyyyy St. Lucia in the house!! Rayyyyyy!

  36. Messenger يقول

    The dislikes show the prevalence of racism but the sad thing is they refuse to accept this because they benefit from it.

  37. Deborah Bowers يقول

    David this is what society keeps denying. This is so, so true. As a lawyer of 20 years in Britain am being told that as I did not work for a Legal 500 I do not qualify for a job in the private sector. I worked for government. How many other minorities are facing this invincible wall? This is an institutional form of discrimination. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Ingrid يقول

    I am indeed proud to listen to David more so as a St Lucian choosing to abandon silence, taking a stand against racism and discrimination which in 2020 continues to impact so many of our brothers and sisters. Our vibrant black colour considered a threat, not climate change, Nuclear war or cyber weapons.

  39. David X يقول

    Whites hate outspoken minority men even though they have great substance in their talks. They always dent racism, they will never understand.

  40. Graham Palmer يقول

    Cortisol anyone ?

  41. Thia يقول

    MURDER PLOT BY SHERIFFS/POLICE: to GUN-DOWN elder BLACK MAN at his home stolen( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac4wGI8Fogs )( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNMCALSyUSA ) ( Swindler! THIS IS ARMED ROBBER DONE BY COPS!!!!!!! premeditated theft~ BRECKENRIDGE employee Ryan Lanzano sees all of Mr Tillorys heirlooms on the day of this video ~ seen smugly drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes after armed gunmen with guns drawn(San Diego Sheriffs WEARING BADGES!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKfwVZ8bwVw ) this all preceded the Grand Theft of all his possessions and home while he was being illegally detained under color of law. Mr Tillory not only had proof that Breckenridge property fund 2016 llc used a fraudulently acquired deed he also had proof of how the Police and Judicial system KNOWINGLY also used fraudulent deed and other falsified documentation to assist this predatory lender in successfully stealing Mr Tillorys possessions. It is a very complex but TRUE story unfolding right now in the San Diego Courts.

    It was inhuman how 64yr old Mr Tillory was hunted down tasered 3-4 times intercepted by Sheriffs and Marshals ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqzorHacLv0 ) on his way to the FBI exactly 24/hrs after he aired the proof of his ownership of home on You-Tube titled "Tillory House" to disclose the items that the superior court judges were suppressing deliberately concealing REFUSING TO ALLOW HIM TO SHARE to aid the predatory lender in the GRAND THEFT of his house on Florence street. Since that day he has been unlawfully detained HELD WITHOUT BAIL its been almost 6 months now as of todays date of Jan 8,2020 here are the videos of that terrible day that satan came to San Diego. And the very first thing they did once they got onto his property was to destroy his cameras that shot the videos of all the illegal police and sheriff activity on his land.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-kfMsuvY4g ) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1wS6gRJ6bM )

  42. StoryAid يقول

    Greetings Hanaan.
    I believe (with the deepest respect), that it is impossible to apply a reductionist or a strictly empiricist view, as you have. The impact of racism, can't be isolated as a discreet socioeconomic, psycho-social or even longitudinal trauma that can be understood via epigenetic exploration. Pharmacological, penal, family support, healthy nutrition, housing fit for life, an intelligent and appropriate educational interventions. This will enable human beings to think and imagine a life of beauty, recognise the ecology that binds them, the geography that ensures life. I trust that this has been a positive contribution to this discussion.
    Stay blessed.
    OL. Eli

  43. Hello World يقول

    What about racism against white people?!

    Blacks always blame whitey for everything.

  44. Dianne Rapsey يقول

    Of all the videos I have watched on discrimination, I have noticed that when minorities speak on the topic they get more 'dislikes' vs. 'likes' averages, than when Caucasians speak on the same topic. Interesting study to conduct and report on (perhaps from a specific group- to make the topic more relevant to some). Speaker was so absolutely great and powerful in highlighting discrimination at its core; that even when he was not saying a single word or trying to…..he made his topic clear.

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