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Thumbnail by: Getting 1000 base health wasn’t a goal I had planned for in the past, so the quality of the videos not super great, …


21 thoughts on “Getting 1000 base health in skyblock

  1. يقول Toni Zockt:

    Why is this recommended now

  2. يقول Hello joe:

    Huh. Wonder why marina was the next mayor after derpy

  3. يقول SKETCHY:

    I love fishing I’m kind of offended

  4. يقول Cataleefi:

    Please tell me im not the only one just play his voice cracks over and over again

  5. يقول Super Gamming1877:

    Some say half full, some say half empty, but I say, cake.

  6. Techno but actually its a pink furry being addicted to fishing instead of techno being addicted to farming potatos

  7. يقول CSX Enterprises:

    When will you play more skyblock? I love these videos and i want to see more! (No pressure i just love it.

  8. يقول Amr Salem:

    you think slayers is boring and farming is fun??? weird.

  9. يقول lime boi:

    what about MAX base hp

  10. يقول Spikey EXE:

    Legend Says they're still looking for the fishing area Zylenox has in every video of his

  11. يقول Yusuf Idris:

    I dont know for sure but i think u can get inf hp as u can fish up fairy souls so yeah easy win

  12. يقول lolbitplaysyt:

    i bet you can't get to 2000 base health

  13. يقول Zach Creighton:

    Ah yes the good old days when that was a flex…

  14. يقول Maks:

    2:20 haha furry souls haha

  15. يقول xoticrl:

    I got 1k base hp because time deo doubled fairsouls hahahahahahaha

  16. يقول Rxpple:

    i started watching you yesterday or 2 days ago thinking ill watch the ONE video i actully clicked on yet im here watching all your vids and subed with notis lol

  17. يقول Galaxy World:

    Why is your OC a femboy

  18. يقول Miradics:

    Meanwhile technoblade: And i found a glitch which i utilized to have 3 000 000 hp.

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