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  2. Dishma Naik يقول

    May name is dishma

  3. Saeed Parvan يقول

    MANY people want to start it, but we need a push! I hope to be part of the push : D

  4. Dina Dallman يقول

    With the corona virus outbreak healthcare is being forced to move towards “telehealth”. Maybe this will be the turning point we needed to push medical care forward.

  5. Prazer, Joy! يقول

    I agree with him, the purpose of this idea is very good but need the government incentive to beggin.

  6. Mary Yockey يقول

    There are many points that Eric pointed out throughout his talk that had me thinking. Right from the beginning of his talk, Eric mentioned how he was being seen by six different physicians between two hospitals, yet not one could exactly pin-point the type of condition that he had. All that was mentioned was that he had a kidney problem, yet couldn't have a kidney transplant. What? When I first heard him say that, I immediately questioned it. Kidney problem, yet no transplant? Doesn't make any sense. Then he went on to say how he only has 2-3 more years to live. If I were in his shoes, I would have automatically shut down. When you hear a medical physician say that, you expect them to be 100% confident in what they are saying, if it comes to being life-ending. Obviously Eric lives a lot longer than the predicted 2-3 years, which is great, yet frustrating. If he were to of never ran into that woman in the lobby, or looked up the condition that affects the geriatric population, then he could have been in a "slump" or chose to not live his life out. It's frustrating because when other people, unlike Eric, are told that sometimes they have less than that to live. However, physicians need to make sure they are diagnosing patients with the correct conditions.
    Later on in this talk there was a statement about how sometimes sending patients to the hospitals, may not always be the best move. In addition to that, sending some of the sickest patients to the hospitals may even worsen their condition. People don't normally think of this but hospitals can be the most "sterile" yet most contaminating places at the same time. Think about it. Where do the most sick people go to seek treatment? Hospital. If someone is on the verge of death, most likely where are they? Hospital. A huge virus is going around and causing everyone to become very ill, where are they? Hospital. Hospitals are very beneficial to society, yet a silent killer. Sick people can become more sick, quicker just by going to the hospital. Going to a hospital or clinic can also break someone's wallet as well. No matter how long one is in there, they can be a financial burden to one's family. Sad, yet true.
    Eric made another point, he stated, "Eighty percent of medical errors are actually caused by communication and coordination problems amongst medical team members". WHAT! HOW?! Communication is key, especially when it comes to the health care field, and trying to diagnose a patient. He then went on to discuss how THREE different physicians prescribed him the same medicine in three different versions. He was suffering an over-dose problem. I do not understand how nobody noticed that before hand. There needs to be more and better communication between these health professionals, and egos to not get in the way anymore. Better teamwork skills, leads to better outcomes for the patients at the end of the day.

  7. Madie Teltow يقول

    I see where the mistakes were made here. Obviously the doctors were not talking within each other. A personal health system could be good. It is amazing how Dishman can just show us an image of his kidney and see how it is doing. Technology is an amazing thing and is great that he can just hurry and see if anything looks wrong on his kidney. This reminds me of another video i have seen. People want more personal care with their doctors and quicker ways to see their doctor. It is true when Dishman says many people can't afford the expensive costs of using the machines doctors have. I'm surprised when he says " eighty percent of medical errors are actually caused by communication and coordination problems amongst medical team members." I have heard this in another video as well. Its horrible that they thought he had a heart problem when he was actually overdosing because they gave him so much medication. There needs to be more team work within health care. If everyone communicates better and more openly, there won't be so many flaws. I think no matter what we do our health care system will be flawed in some way.

  8. Natasha يقول

    Is the new model telemedicine what he is referring about?

  9. Tess Wall يقول

    Eric, I am a nurse in California and completely agree with your 3-tiered system for personal health care. We have such wisdom and technology available to us today that we should be able to do a better job of reaching out to patients instead of forcing them to reach out to us. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    BTW, lived and worked in OREGON for many years and love, love, love the Legacy system there : )

  10. Abigail Lanczak يقول

    Eric made some great points about how our current health system is flawed. There needs to changes made to benefit health of all. But we have people out there that do not even have access to affordable health care that even allows them to go see a doctor. Since we do not have that how can we expect that patient should have this technology to permit "care anywhere" to be successful? Another issues I have with Eric's approach is that he said that the one-on-one between the patient and the doctor would be not more. But if you want the to happen how can you also want "care customization?" Because with "care customization" doctors and medical teams need to learn the goals and what is important to the patient. But if they don't have the interaction and relationship with the patient how will that happen? It can't. Also, for so many years its been, if you get sick, you go to the doctor and they help. Now people are being asked to do low level care on themselves? How can we ask of that when there are people in this nation that do not take pride or put time into their health? I think Eric's issues stem with the doctors on his original medical team. I would help that a lot of medical teams out there do work together for the good of the patient. Let's try to better the bonds and relationships between doctors and specialist before completely changing the current system. To throw away such a complex system seems like a mess. Let's modify it and use some of these ideas to help promote health for everyone. In addition, as an Occupational Therapy major, a lot of the things Eric lists are already roles of an OT. Like learning self, care and medication management.

  11. Nouha Abayed يقول

    Hey there, The best results that my step-mom has ever had was with Freds Magic Remedy (just google it) Its the most helpful plan available.

  12. Rachel Perkins يقول

    Although this seems like the best case scenario for healthcare as a whole, “care anywhere”, “care networking”, and “care customization” will only work if people are willing to initiate it themselves and, sadly, most aren’t. Being involved with in home health care myself, I know people are stubborn in their ways and if the whose system were to change (even if for the better of all) there would be unwillingness to participate from a large audience. Yes, health is a main priority for most people, but from what I see, most people only look out for their well being and rely on a specialist or primary care physician to do the work for them; however, this is how the healthcare system is set up! To change that, along with everyone’s idea of healthcare, would be a monstrous task.

  13. Purple Heart يقول

    If the current systems are used correctly, the goals Eric mentioned would happen. It takes team work as he says but then you get into the problem of specialist and doctors are too busy to collaborate with each other. I feel we need better medical teams and set up a more personal level instead of just being a part of the "system".

    Let me know what you think I am a college student trying to learn more about healthcare and what comes along with it.

  14. Bubbles 007 يقول

    Eric's perspective on the improvement for our healthcare system is spot on. I could not agree more.

  15. Emily Nichols يقول

    I agree with Eric. Health care is a system that should be more about the network. Mistakes are made frequently when there is no communication between the doctors and nurses, then the nurses and CNAs. If one goes to the hospital, then is sent to their own doctor for a follow up, if there is no communication between these two doctors, they could make mistakes and stop or start a new medication that could be potentially harmful to the patient. There needs to be a way where all doctors can communicate with each other and be able to keep the health care system running efficiently without making fatal mistakes, or mistakes at all.

  16. Ashton Tacey يقول

    I agree with Dishman on the fact that health care is more beneficial when there is "care networking". When there is no communication between doctors, the patient may be paying more money to re-do tests and doctors may end up making mistakes. For example, if the patient goes to two different specialized doctors, and there is no communication, then neither doctor will have all of the information/records on the patient, which makes it easier for them to make mistakes that may be detrimental for the patient.

    One thing that can help in care networking is using Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In America, there is a push for EHRs but not all providers are on board. In order for EHRs to be useful, everyone needs to be on board. EHRs can help in sending over information/records for patients to different facilities/practices faster and more efficiently. It will cut costs for both the patients and providers, it will lower the rate of mistakes, and it will even be beneficial when doctors need to write out prescriptions. Overall, it will help to keep the patients healthy and it will help to reinvent health care in a positive way.

  17. Missy Dishman يقول

    No relation… but Mr. Dishman truly does get it.  As a nurse, I hope to be a part of this movement.  To treat our patients holistically.  Great video. 

  18. Alex Daniel يقول

    This dude is great. He's totally got it. 

  19. Daniel Cates يقول

    Them feels!

  20. Cheaby يقول

    When the current system is utilized correctly, all of the goals Eric mentions are achieved. The patient does all they can at home. When they are in need of care, they visit their primary care physician. If the primary care physician feels that the patient needs to see a specialist, a specialist is seen. If multiple physicians are caring for the same patient, his or her records (allergies, medical history, medications, etc.) are communicated.

  21. josephkiim يقول

    youre totally right!

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