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Every day 1.8 billion children breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. In 2016, 600 000 children died from acute lower …


14 thoughts on “Air pollution and health: How will our children continue to breathe?

  1. يقول Bob Richie:

    WHO is doing nothing about the CCP/China's pollution. they are getting a bye until 2030.

  2. يقول Fusions3789:

    Most people burn garbage on the streets in my country it wasn't like this but since the new government took office in 2015 it started and up to now a new government in power it will be hard to stop the smoke makes me sick omg please WHO help 3rd world country to incinerate the garbage smoke some place far away from people my country is Guyana

  3. يقول ReNeemed:

    lmao 0:17 the kid was reading the book upside down

  4. Ureña Venezuela, está haciendo quemas de basuras, que contamina el aire

  5. يقول Luc kg Kgkf:


  6. يقول SUBIR SEN:

    WHO,Director General….is a communist puppet….apreased China & put the world in Chinese COVID 19 denger……

  7. يقول Sara Zain:

    Big 2 mistak Unforgivable
    First, hide the Chinese
    Since the first case
    About the virus
    When the doctor alerted
    Its existence virus looks like sars
    The biggest mistake
    Countries of the world will regret it
    Receiving returning travelers from other countries
    You brought in the dangerous disease and brought it in
    The country is not intelligent that it is a genocide of all

  8. يقول mamdoh abozaid:

    الحمدلله وباذن الله عندي علاج للكورنا

  9. India is passing through severe air pollution

  10. يقول Dina Zulfikar:

    thank you for this, all the world should be alert, I kindly ask that WHO office in Egypt – promote such awareness on their facebook main page, social media is a very important media source in Egypt

  11. يقول Bar Harris:

    Where the hell are all the activists when it comes to the Israeli children around Gaza- with 8 months of toxic flames terror balloons, burning tyres and thousands of acres of burnt land-
    Where are you when it comes to ISRAELI children?!!!

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