1. [UNNAMED] يقول

    All through elementary school I was struggling with severe anxiety and never got time to take off school. Thank you for helping so many people.

  2. Jacob Kupres يقول

    I think MH starts with deleting social media.

  3. Joey Lipp يقول

    I think this whole video is brining light to a mental health cause that most people are not paying attention to. The rise of suicide in young children is so prevalent nowadays that it’s astounding more people have not taken it more serious. I think the mental health days are a great idea if the kids take this seriously and don’t abuse this.

  4. C1rCa 217 يقول

    Learning that we all have mental health and should care for our brain more. I appreciae how Hailey wanted to bring more awareness to mental health issues. Schools shwoing they care for their student sby tracking ther mental health days is admirable. I believe it should be a priority to check in with students who use a lot of those days.

  5. Michelle يقول

    Mental health is a very important and I feel it is an issue that is often not seen with much importance. Mental health days can really make a difference in my opinion. Having a day to try to “catch up” can give some a sense of relief. keeping track of how much and how many students take mental health days can be a good thing as it would bring awareness or raise flags on those who may need more help.

  6. lowkey mune يقول

    parents need to hear this

  7. Elizabeth Is gr8 يقول

    Does anyone have a transcript for this?

  8. Rikki Slonce يقول

    I was told nothing could be done for my situation because the counsellor I felt comfortable talking to wasn't my assigned counsellor, and that they could not talk to my assigned counsellor because of confidentiality laws.

    Schools (specifically American public schools) treat students like little prisoners, including all the discrimination and stigma that comes with it. We are not treated as people, just a cash cow for test scores. So…unless school drastically changes how it functions, I will never ever trust them with my, or any possible future child of mine's, mental wellbeing. Learning shouldn't make you wanna kill yourself.

    Just to clarify, this is not coming from a religious crazy perspective, but as someone who was burned by the system for being sick "too often", even though I got my work done. As someone who asked the school for help many times when it came to IEP's and 504's, violence and harassment that happened on campus, and who lost many family members along the way but was denied to even go to their funerals in the name of attendance. In the name of all the emotional and physical abused I suffered at the system's hand.

    Yes, there were a few kind souls, friends and teachers, janitors and guards, but…overall I would never ever set foot in that institution again willingly. (This is specific to elementary through high school.)

  9. Dr. Julie Connor يقول

    As a youth mental health and peer leadership consultant, I agree mental health skills begin with open, honest conversations. It is unrealistic to assume just because we "talk" about mental health and promote help-seeking behaviors that students and adults feel comfortable using the words to ask for help. We must practice mental health conversations with youth with specific words and skills to guide a friend we care about to a trusted adult who can offer mental health support. It takes a village. This will not be accomplished with a worksheet, video, or book – it requires a commitment to normalize conversations about mental health. When we talk about tough topics like mental illness, we strip the stigma that shames children and teens into silence.

  10. ひつじ يقول

    The fact that some schools (including mine) do not have something like mental health days makes me actually mad. Most students are having a hard time since some of them still want to figure out who they really are. My school never even said a word about mental health. I think that the school should at least tell students that mental health is important.

  11. shoni يقول

    i live in oregon and didn’t know this was a thing!

  12. Charlie Beers يقول

    boy I sure wish I could have "mental health rest days" per week. Sure is hard to "rest" when bills pile up and there's already a labor shortage. So is on our shoulders to get out there and work! Nobody should be living off the "stimulus" payouts and unemployment extensions that promote nothing but laziness. But yeah… Lol @ Coddle the Kids! Promote more laziness and weak minded-ness.

  13. Ks She يقول

    YES seeking MENTAL HEALTH CARE should be a big options for students but NOT a just students, but the parents an siblings as well. I totally think that having a options for FAMILIES MENTAL HEALTHCARE is a part of healing. Now days with so much that has occurred its NOT JUST ONE MEMBERS THAT HAVE FELT THE PRESSURES OF MENTAL HEALTHS ISSUES. ITS A WHOLE FAMILIES. Some members may not be extreme but still there is a need to get that outlet and to have options. MENTAL HEALTH AFFECTS EVERY MEMBER, EVEN IF ITS JUST TRYING TO UNDERSTANDING IT. IT DOES NOT JUST STAY CONFINED TO ONE MEMBER OF A FAMILY IT AFFECTS ALL MEMBERS.

  14. KESHXNEL يقول

    she such a bhaddie

  15. linker1o يقول

    what about the parent who doesn't let their kids stay home for a mental break and. they can't speak up because there to embarrassed those kids are the kids that need more help and this law just allows more student an excuse to stay home and not do work

  16. Thefeppyffs يقول

    Fucking homework 🙂

  17. Emma يقول

    ah she is amazing thank you hailey hardcastle for spreading this idea and doing such a beautiful thing for your community. i hope you can keep passing this law everywhere in the world <3

  18. Dominations يقول


  19. Logan Hennessy يقول

    I think she presented her case well, but the idea of letting kids skip school just because of a mental health issue is concerning. Students could abuse this system to skip tests or activities they had to do in class and unlike a physical illness that can be proven or disproven easily with science, mental illness is very internal and hard to quantify the legitimacy of said illness.

  20. HIIIIIIiiiiiii

  21. Ryan Stamps يقول

    Module 4 only 3 more to go yall

  22. Shelby Lillico يقول

    you should come to Canada and do that, we need this.

  23. pinkie pie يقول

    hailey! omgg i speechless. yeaa you are right, "if you sprint in the very beginning, you are going to get bunrt out. you may even hurt yourself from pushing too hard. but if you take it slow, and you push yourfelf other times, you are sure to be way more successfull." I know, we are ordinary human beings, our brains, our bodies, even mentally we must be tired, therefore there needs to be vigilance to mental health so that all systems in the body are maintained health.

  24. Cat From Hell يقول

    anecdote, rhetorical question, inclusive language, appeal to common sense, statistics

  25. Happy Trees يقول

    I need a year of mental health days honestly

  26. Axolotl يقول

    One day I was in school having a servere panic attack and what did my teacher do? Stare at me as if I was doing something wrong. Teachers need to respect our mental health instead of disreguaring it

  27. Connor Avila يقول

    It's funny because I suffer from many things nentally,plus on top of it I will never forget my breakdown and if the 8th grade teacher wasn't there and if she was I dont think I woulda gone for help

  28. whenindoubt mutemyownmouth يقول

    Ptsd anger? Just leave, its better to get punished for cutting class than to get arrested for fighting.

  29. Devang Singh يقول

    ah great, my school's listening assessment sent me here……… ironic

  30. tofu يقول

    student: I have depression because of school

    Parents: stfu and go study

  31. Kandice Dircks يقول

    If anyone ever looking at this comment, sees it, comment about mental health ,and yours if you feel comfortable and what you think school should be doing because I want to implement something more in my school and in my state and really would love anyone's feedback! seriously anyone is welcome.

  32. Cherrylyn Ballovar يقول

    I tell someone i need to get mental health but someone tell me i just making things up…

  33. School Day يقول

    This is great! Student wellbeing has never been more important than today

  34. shans يقول

    I cant explain it but she's a heather

  35. w0oxs يقول

    POV: your here because lockdown

  36. Marcelo Oliveira يقول

    Yes, you're right. Why

  37. Julia Calis يقول

    Oh boi I am NOT ok

  38. Flora Walsh يقول


    ඔහුගේ උගුරේ සීතල බව මොහොතකින්ඔහුට චලනය වීමට පවා නොහැකි වියශීත විය

  39. dust DUST dust يقول

    she is too pretty to be ANTIFA…….but sadly ………………………….


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