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27 thoughts on “The mental health benefits of storytelling for health care workers | Laurel Braitman

  1. يقول Addison Tharpe:

    You can tell in these ted talks these people are like walking on egg shells. I hope this goes on YouTube…I hope I’m not being too too honest.

  2. يقول Emanuel Vazquez:

    Great ted talk she just sounded really nervous

  3. يقول Remco:

    The best kind of video's don't get the most views :/

  4. يقول Yiran Wang:

    I moved to tears. Thank you!

  5. يقول Ali Bin Tariq:

    How powerful is the statement " Creativity doesn't belong to certain professions."

  6. يقول AltHairedStudios:

    As someone who has BiPolar Type I, and who works in Healthcare field, I love everything about this!

  7. يقول Kevin Milburn:

    I appreciate how she ended her speech with the term "Making sure that our healers are healthy enough to heal the rest of us"

  8. يقول Brianna Abbott:

    It seem like this weighted heavy on her heart.

  9. Physicians is a great job to do and even tho they need a doctors too, cause sometimes they put them in highly risks to save other people and the latter often forget to say "thank you" which is a simple do , and lemme tell you we don't need you to gratitude us we just need respect .

  10. يقول do wade:

    The quality of TED is decreasing constantly.

  11. يقول AllstarLife:

    I'm just 14 years old, but honestly I am so interested in women who empower people. I started taking notes too!

  12. يقول Andre Alb:

    London real greater than this garbage

  13. يقول cycling of life:

    See how she recognised we it! If she was doing it for the Right reasons, could she FORGET WH she is doing what she is doing?? She only forgets because the REAL reason she does what she does he s MONEY AND PRIDE OR GREED AND PRIDE, if not there is no way a True Hu-man could forget the reasons why one does what one does.

  14. يقول cycling of life:

    And this looses all value when she makes it into an efin business again! Wtf with north Americans? Can they do something for free? Can this woman help others she knows are in need, FOR FREE? How will it help if those trying to heal have to PAY someone to hear their stories? If this woman really and Truly wants to help let her do it for FREE! If not she does not deserve My admiration, but judged as just another "business man", profiting out of other's sufferings with the pathetic facade of being "humanitarian" and "helpful"… Let's do real change and stop making EVERYTHING INTO A PROFIT MAKING MACHINE!! Money is a MEANS NOT A GOAL, AND cannot be men's only motivation in life, that's just sick!

  15. Thank you so much for talking the importance of story telling also in health career. You’re great. Lovely watching and listening to you here on the top of Italian mountain.

  16. يقول Victor Code:

    Great Video! Subscribe to Victor Code!!

  17. يقول Mohammad Abbas:

    Good speaking, i also practised previously

  18. Nice video ! I hve also started making videos just few days back on health ! Wanted to say thankyou.

  19. 8:50 – I appreciate aspiring doctors having high standards, but with absolutely no offense intended: I don't want my doctor to remember my birthday and my favorite color! I want them to remember my name and my last diagnosis. Remembering things takes up space, and our memory's capacity is limited. I don't want anyone to waste their precious precious memory to to give me the warm and fuzzies when I see my physician. A friendly smile and agreeable behavior will suffice plenty. Please do not ruin your own motivation with completely overblown expectations of yourself!

  20. يقول AbstractArtist:

    Halo everybody i have an idea for Positive energy sharing iin my chanel
    and i want to do it by TED can everyone say to me how i do this;
    thank you

  21. يقول Monday PositiviTea:

    Mental health has to the priority of this time and age. No matter how successful you are. Irrespective of your profession. Mental health gives you fulfillment in life. Having lots of accolades won't help if you are not able to keep yourself sane. And storytelling is one of the best ways to keep sane.

  22. يقول Lana Himpel:

    It's was interesting video, she said right things.

  23. يقول Er DK Mehta:

    Amazing talk ever I found on TED platform. I am really grateful to you ma'am for your valuable suggestions and experiences that you have shared with the world.
    Noble job you are doing to help care health care authority. Thank you so much.

  24. يقول Mr Mike:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting … ooops fell asleep. Did I miss anything worthwhile?

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