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  1. Catherine Seaman يقول

    I'm interested in getting involved in this please let me know how I can get in touch with Rebecca

  2. Wonder of Electronics يقول



    My class brought me here. But she aont lyin yall. This is truth.

  4. Ajogbeje Oluwatoyin يقول

    Great speech, Great Vision.

  5. Jagdeep Singh يقول

    That was incredible ..hats off

  6. aaooee يقول

    This psychopath tortures cockroaches with a hot glue gun.

  7. KiIlabeez يقول

    The crazy part about this, this was uploaded in 2012 and only 108,000 views. Where in more cases than none you can get more views watching people eat spicy wings than something that matters. Well done world, you never cease to amaze me..

  8. Instawise يقول

    In impoverished neighborhoods across America, poverty is a leading cause of illness. The US health care system is set up to treat ailments rather than to prevent them.

    Health Leads is a program that tackles the social and economic root causes of illness, and its doctors prescribe food and heat to those in need, just as they would drugs.

    Health Leads’ medics assemble detailed electronic patient histories that provide doctors with crucial information to make appropriate clinical assessments and provide treatment beyond the examining room.

    This approach transforms the clinic waiting room into an arena where volunteers can intervene to help improve patients’ living conditions.

    Operating such a program requires enormous manpower. Health Leads recruits and develops student advocates in a manner similar to college athletic programs.

  9. Joshua VanVleet يقول

    Pretty damn inspired.

  10. Rollz7272 يقول

    We need minds like this in government if we ever want real change. And not just one or two, a majority.

  11. Lily White يقول

    A ham planet talking about health?
    These obeasts deserve nothing but contempt and disgust.
    Fat shaming needs to become not only acceptable but encouraged as the only form of communication with tats.

  12. Not A Government Agent يقول

    Hard to listen to someone that's obese talk about health issues. Like, you can't keep yourself at a healthy weight, you have nothing to offer on this subject. Go for a run instead.

  13. Patricia Blackwell يقول

    So can I bill my insurance for my vacation I need for my mental health??

  14. walter makokha يقول

    "When you have a vision, you have an obligation to realize that vision." I couldn't agree more

  15. Patricio Cabrera يقول

    Great speech and kudos to following your vision.

  16. Kathy يقول

    Brilliant, – impassioned, rational and inspirational! The only thing missing was a call for patients to share the responsibility for their own health. Part of the system that Rebecca identifies as problematic is the traditional role of the doctor as expert who takes responsibility for health outcomes and the role of the patient who has been trained to be passive and compliant, but not proactively responsible for making healthy choices

  17. Michael Mallal يقول

    Patients in the waiting room can brink their own books, laptops and rosaries to keep themselves productive. Maybe they want to sit around and have a rest before having their BP taken?

  18. Michael Mallal يقول

    Emperor Ashoka of India apparently built hospitals for sick animals. Beat that.

  19. Michael Mallal يقول

    Yes, although food may be unavailable there is always plenty of money for alcohol, tobacco and poker machines..

  20. Michael Mallal يقول

    Is the real problem over-population, that is to say, lack of contraception? The right to plan one's family is also in UDHR I think.

  21. zaburashaid abdullah يقول

    There is a saying that “ An Apple a day Keeps a doctor away”, it is the basic thing for everyone. In this video I have found everything related to a good and healthy food. These days people are busy in visiting the doctor for diseases they have generated by themselves. What if we get the healthy food or a food that has nutrition’s and other things which is good for our health. We don’t have to go the doctor, and yes it is a reality that doctors are curing the diseases and they are giving the medicines which also have the side effects. What it means that you have to take a good care of your health. When you take a healthy diet, your health will be better. One side you are paying for the medicines and on their side, you are also paying for the food. Why not you just pay for the healthy food and save the money.

  22. Maria Lynn يقول

    What's so great about the Health Leads program is it not only provides patients with the services the need, but it educates them as well. Education is what is so desperately needed to be given to these individuals who are living in squalor, or are malnurished in some way. With education, individuals aren't just given a perscription or a new diet plan, they are given a new LIFE plan that they can use for many different areas of their life. Education really is the greatest tool. But one thought that I had while watching this lecture was that this crisis she was describing that occured in the 1960s is happening again RIGHT NOW. With all of the new legislation being put into place about heathcare, and the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, people are suffering! There are people starving, people dying, people living an awful quality of life because now, they have no healthcare; it's been stripped from them. Of course, unfortunately, there are always people who are living this way, it's not an old or new concept. But it is espscially apparent in the current times because of what is happening with healthcare. And it is just going to get worse until systems such as Health Leads prevail and allow healthcare to acutally help patients get well.

  23. Tyler Kwapis يقول

    Rebecca brings up an idea that is innovative and new. However, I do not believe that it is the duty of a doctor to provide families things like nutritious food and housing. Yes, I understand that some people are better off than others, while others are struggling behind. However, I believe there are some questions that must be answered when looking at a model like Ms Onie suggests. First, who pays for this new health system? Is it the doctors that dig into their pockets to provide heat and food to their patients. No, of course not. Doctors need to be payed well for their job, or else we will not have good doctors. Taxpayers will have to bear the load of this new cost. Although I agree that a preventative health system is a brilliant idea, and a model that we should move towards some day, but at what cost and to who. Should we penalize the normal, healthy, taxpayer because their neighbor cannot feed themselves?

    Also, if we delve into prescribing housing, heat, and nutritious food to student, what other patients suffer due to increased time and spending on these new patients? Doctors have a duty to help people who are sick, who are dying due to terminal illnesses. Resources that could be used to help develop cures to these diseases or treat patients with them, are instead being used to redistribute the nation's wealth for those who can not work hard enough to prevent their own illnesses.

    Again, I think that Rebecca's story is significant and inspiring, and that it should be where we head in healthcare. However, I believe at the end of the day there are still many questions that need to be answered in order to create a system that is fair to all.

  24. Metazoxan Dexall يقول

    One of the problems I can see with a system that allows perscribing and paying for things like food is there will be plenty who will try to exploit that so that they can get free food and such.

    I'm not saying a system that aims more to "keep us healthy" rather that treating sickness is bad. But you do have to keep in mind the exploit ability of such a system.

  25. Abigail Lanczak يقول

    Never did I think about this perspective of health care. People usually get sick because of the fact that they do not have a healthy environment in the home. For insurance purposes though, I don't know how that kind of billing would work. This seems like more of a job of social workers, therapist, etc. I think the doctor's role should still be with disease and sickness treatment and prevention. They did not go to school for 8 plus years just to prescribe heat for your home. Not at all am I bashing this idea. I do believe that she is correct when saying a lot of times people are sick because of the fact that live in terrible situations. But instead of putting another task on a doctor's shoulders, lets better make known the resources that are out there. She is very valid on the idea that health care does not always keep us healthy. Pretty much you use your health care when you are already sick. I think this preventative form needs to be an added branch of the health care system already in place. But where do we start this? What's the best way to get this information out to those who need it the best? Also, maybe this is something that can be put into place in schools. I think this is something that could be beneficial to our health care system. As well as it would keep people out of clinics and ER's because it was preventable. Good ideas, but implementation needs tweaked. However, I supportive the concept.

  26. Heather Hill يقول

    You are an amazing presenter! I inspire to be like you! Thank you very much for your work Rebecca!!!

  27. Mickey Sutton يقول

    I feel as though this is all good in theory, however the actual capital one would need to carry out prescribing food and prescribing exercise would be nearly impossible to obtain. We would also need much larger facilities and more staff to keep up on their patients. She even mentions in the beginning how the doctor already had too many patients to handle. Also, decent healthcare today is already costly, and with providing this new aspect of prescribing a "healthy diet" as a preventative manner to obtaining future diseases would only increase that and make it even more less available. Morally this is a great idea, but actually carrying it out proves troublesome in todays society. This idea must have fair and equal opportunity for every individual in the country, and when considering costs and benefits, the costs just do out-weight the benefits. Certain questions arise such as how do we start a program like this, and who is going to look over these people? Lastly, who do we prioritize if there is not enough room in such a program and how would you choose?

  28. Armani garrison يقول

    then the question would be, where do we start? and who would determine how much food each person would get? what is the cut off for how much food a malnourished person can get? and how would we keep track of it? because there are places like food pantries and whatnot that that can help so would it be the same basic principle?

  29. Kaitlyn Lipinski يقول

    Prescribing food is definitely something I've never heard of, but it is a good idea. The patients going to this clinic can't get better if they can't get healthy. To avoid getting sick thee patients need a clean home, unlike the family she mentioned living in a home overrun by cockroaches. That family can't afford to keep their home clean, so it is highly unlikely they would be able to afford medication. Yes, as she said managing disease is important, but if the doctors could do more sure as improve their overall quality of life some how that would be even more beneficial to the patients. If the patient is unable to afford food or housing treating them from disease will not do much, since they will be going back to the unhealthy lifestyle.

  30. Emily Nichols يقول

    There is a lot that can be done with disease prevention over curing a disease once it has started to take its progression even though these numbers are grossly over estimated. however, this video is simply just victim blaming. Not helping someone because they have HIV because the either made a mistake or were born with it is absolutely disgusting. Anyways, if a disease can't be prevented it is smart and safe to have the option to cure (or simply help symptoms). There are several regulations on health care that can be changed. Regulations that cause costs to be far to high with the quality of care being far too low. Change these and we an have costs drop and the quality of care vastly improve. Having regulations that cause these things are not right, and in fact should be changed. I feel like this is more of a political debate than an informative presentation of health care systems keeping us healthy. Stop victim blaming, and leave your politics out of this.

  31. Richard Long يقول

    Then they wouldn't be able to make a bunch of money off people's suffering.

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