Quiet Riot – Metal Health (Bang Your Head) Guitar Lesson

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  1. Steve Howard يقول

    It's funny that you don't think the outro solo is good, as I generally agree with you. In this case, however, I actually think it's one of the best parts of the song. It sounds like he's doing something different than the standard A minor pentatonic you have, but to your point about the singer screaming and everything else, I can't quite pick it up. It almost sounds to me more like he's doing some kind of tapping lick with a fifth a fourth a third and a root somewhere in there.

  2. Dylan Stankewicz يقول

    My mind is broken i laughed when he said Dsus4

  3. Austin Barrett يقول

    carl is the best teacher PERIOD.

  4. Manuel يقول

    Loved this lesson, Thank you

  5. Manuel يقول

    Hi Carl, Have you ever done Flirting With Disaster by Molly Hatchet? If not pleeeeeeeeeease do.

  6. Brandon Somerton يقول

    Please please PLEASE do “Condition Critical” from Quiet Riot… I cant find any videos anywhere and the tabs don’t sound right to me, (yes, I’ve tried different tunings. Carlos said they ‘tune down lower’ for the first two albums but I cant seem to get the right sound)

  7. Jett يقول

    You’re a legend dude, thank you so much for these tutorials. Your’s are the absolute best on YouTube. That dude with the fedora and the white background is alright but he never explains what he’s actually playing and more importantly how lol so I always have to pause and match my hands with his every second. Was a massive pain and then I found your channel. Dude you’re just a massive help, I got my first electric guitar near 2 months ago and I’ve been incredibly busy with school but I can play the top gun anthem, the main bits from Iron Man, a few licks, and at least a bit of this once I’m done typing this. (still definitely working on my power chord lol, it needs work) But yeah, I absolutely love your videos and I keep picking up my guitar and playing thanks to you. Appreciate you man! (and your quiet singing voice hahaha)

  8. Archie Cunningham يقول

    It was great to be a teenager when this song came out

  9. omar111222333 يقول

    please do Knock em’ dead kid by mötley crüe!

  10. Alex A. يقول

    Not EXACTLY the way Carlos plays it, especially the intro, but still sounds great.

  11. CC يقول

    The best quiet riot tune

  12. Rick Coplien يقول

    what amp are you using to get that good crunch?

  13. Dylan Bartel يقول

    Can you do any song by Airbourne?

  14. James Owens يقول

    Hey Carl, what about a lesson on “heroes end” by Judas Priest?

  15. m-cru يقول

    Can you do Big guns by Skid Row

  16. Ted يقول

    Was that main riff left over from the Randy days or a Carlos riff?

  17. Vince Ruland يقول

    The best part is that you got the correct title for the song. So tired of hearing it called Bang Your Head for the last 38 years.

  18. Joshua Legge يقول

    Please do breathless by quiet riot that would be amazing

  19. Nathan Moreira يقول

    carl you gotta make a tutorial on the knockin on heavens door 92 solos!

  20. Kole Kutz يقول

    Great lesson, could you please do Jump in the Fire by Metallica?

  21. Paul Woker يقول

    Yasss King! keep these 80's hits rocking!

  22. Liam Girling يقول

    Please do jump in the fire from kill em all

  23. Dan Morgan يقول

    Great song Carl!! Thank you:)

  24. Koda Allen يقول

    Just noticed, Carl will give you a heart if you say something that gives him the warm cuddly feelings. Wonder if this is why he won't give a request for Live Without a Net a heart……

  25. Koda Allen يقول

    Cum on Bang your head everyone! Carl did another great lesson!!!!!
    Yessssssssss Carl! Been looking for this one. Thank youuuuuuuuu <3
    Loving the Academy.
    Still praying for more Van Halen (Live Without a Net solo, Cabo Wabo, Summer Nights, Why Can't this be love, etc.)
    Thanks for considering Carl.

  26. HunnyD يقول

    Great video! You make the best guitar lessons on YouTube! Have you done a lesson on how to do Hotel California?

  27. James Brewer يقول

    Great stuff Carl! I always enjoy your lessons. Keep up the good work. Thank You!

  28. Βασίλης Χουβαρδάς يقول

    Great lesson here, but can you please do a lesson for the final riff on every street by Dire Straits?

  29. Nicky Whitmore يقول

    Great guitar in that song i always wanted to learn this song

  30. David Geron يقول

    Can you do "This Charming Man" by the Smiths

  31. HarryG 5150 يقول

    Awesome I would love it if you could do some more stuff of 5150 (dreams and good enough) that would just be wicked!!

  32. artieskak يقول

    Any chance of you doing a video for Soothsayer by Buckethead?

  33. JD يقول

    I have been waiting my entire life for this moment

  34. Woody Woodman يقول

    Snortin Whiskey Par Travers please!

  35. Winters يقول

    carl please do the unforgiven 3, no other videos are good

  36. Dan Berry يقول

    I’m gettin’ me some Van Halen withdrawals!

  37. Sammi Curr يقول

    Live Without a Net solo!

  38. Lane Evans يقول

    Been waiting for this one for forever

  39. Jon Oaklander يقول

    Love your lessons man, how does one make a song request?

  40. AL يقول

    Carl, could you make a tutorial video of Tielman Brothers – Rollin Rock? pleasee

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