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100 percent iPhone battery health, how to keep it there for a long time. The iPhone battery health is very important for the lifespan of your iPhone. There is no …


37 thoughts on “Maintain 100% Battery Health on iPhone (2021)

  1. يقول iReviews:

    What's the battery health performance on your iPhone ?

  2. يقول Julian.Nader_WIH:

    Question : if you use low battery mode Does affect the battery health?

  3. يقول Xauthority:

    Is it ok to charge when the battery reaches 50%

  4. يقول stop08it:

    this video desperately needs timestamps, alot of good info here

  5. يقول name:

    may i know why cant i find my battery cycle ?? i am from malaysia ;(

  6. يقول omar G:

    Does MagSafe charger damage the battery over a period of time like the wireless charger?????

  7. يقول Mhelai Ibarra:

    Battery cycle count is not correct on my end. When i checked my log aggregate dated 6-16 i have 14 batt cycle count. Then i check the 6-17 log it shows 15 batt cycle. But i made usre i charge my iphone from 40-95% only. Why it is considered 1 cycle already?

  8. يقول J F:

    My iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Life had dropped to 98% after 6 mths of usage already.

  9. يقول fxdacha:

    we want the wallpaper though

  10. يقول Rovmel Trinidad:

    I had my iphone 7 plus, and its 5 years old already, and the battery health works perfectly fine at 91%, whats my secret? I never played with my phone, i just use it for calling, messaging and taking pictures. I used my laptops for several activities.

  11. يقول utkarsh jadhav:

    Hello sir, I have a iPhone XS Max. The battery cycle count of my device is 808, but battery health is 84%. Is it usual. Also i need suggestion regarding changing or servicing the battery of my device. When should i service the battery or directly change it?

  12. I have XR, it is 2 yo and it's battery has 90% health. So how can you achieve 98% with newest iphone with 41 cycles….? Even doing everything wrong you won't damage it 5% percent in first half of a year

  13. يقول Youi T:

    The best way to charge the iPhone is from 40 to 80

  14. يقول Youi T:

    I don’t like the camera style on iPhone 12 but I like the sides are really beautiful

  15. يقول Youi T:

    Apple told me to charge my phone from 40 to 80 only

  16. يقول Animesh Das:

    83% at 1236 charging cycles on an iPhoneX

  17. يقول Kyle Robicheau:

    My phone was at 100% battery health for a year, just finally dropped to 99%

  18. يقول Nur Ain Ashri:

    my iPhone 11 battery cycle count is 40 but my battery health is 97% and just used it for about 3 months 🙁

  19. يقول Nikkib:

    how do i increase the battery compacity from 85% to 100% on xs

  20. يقول Preeti K:

    You can use 3utools to check your battery cycle count. It shows the same result.

  21. يقول abenze diriba:

    hey there, how you doing? i have iphone 6 and the battery health is 100% but the battery drain so fast it take 10min to shut down how can i fix this problem?

  22. يقول NN_WW K:

    How to check no of battery cycles ???

  23. يقول Kim Clouser:

    I can’t change or add those emojis on my content center ?!!

  24. يقول Naruto Uzumaki:

    I can’t find “log aggregated” on my iPhone 7 why?

  25. يقول Arijanit seferaj:

    Why my iphone pro max say 100 batery cycleco end my battery health is 98% i charged from 0% to 100%

  26. يقول Vijeta Anchan:

    78 percent on my iphone 6s

  27. يقول Giorgi Bregvadze:

    I love how you say iPhone


  28. يقول Lorie mae Medina:

    What is the meaning or porpuse of battery cycle count? On my iphone 11 is 52battery cycle count,it is good?

  29. يقول NMA_ YT:

    Is it okay for me to use my note 10 plus adaptor? Will it damage my battery health?

  30. يقول Sadique:

    If ‘log-aggregated’ is not showing in your iPhone then turn on ‘Share iPhone Analytics’ by going to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Share iPhone Analytics > On.
    After 2-3 days you will be able to see ‘log-aggregated’ option there.

  31. يقول Anni Valkonen:

    I had my iPhone 11 pro like almost 4 months, And the battery is 94. So is It good?

  32. يقول Dope Dan:

    Log aggregate = Constipation (toilet talk)

  33. يقول Vishal Sheth:

    In India the temperatures in summer rise up to 45/47°c. What can be done?

    The battery cycle option, m not able to view. I don't have log.

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