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  1. Libélula L يقول

    Excellent talk! Thank you

  2. Audry Vanessa يقول

    All the tumors were gone,!!

  3. Abhay Arora يقول

    while watching this video i cried

  4. Miss Wildheart يقول

    For all those people who came to this video thinking maybe they can help someone… I truly wish that whenever you need help , may someone help you as well.
    And back to the video , self care is very important.

  5. zaineb alwaili يقول

    It was one of the best TED just listened to… the way of speaking, the stories he told , and everything it was amazing,,
    And that made me 100time more love the psychological health and science,,
    And gave me a big courge to take this feild

  6. Superelectra Superheroe يقول

    The reason I don't reach out anymore was because the reason of my breakup with my ex was that I was "too much emotional weight". Even today, I just endure the pain by myself.

  7. Mary Baldry يقول

    A lovely calming voice and has given me positive thoughts

  8. Frank P يقول

    Just kind of content you need when u re quite depressed

  9. angelalelit يقول

    Turn your i can't to I CAN

  10. 路地 يقول


  11. Arthur He يقول

    right, so how are cops granted the power to belittle, traumatize, and potentially kill people without phd qualifications

  12. Reign Allens يقول

    I don't have enough words to appreciate the effectiveness of Dr.ademise on youtube herbs remedy. It cured me of all my sufferings off the herpes virus

  13. Bronwyn Evans يقول

    Oh my! This was BEAUTIFUL. So inspiring.

  14. Maria angela Numeriano da silva يقول

    Otimo artigo

  15. Maliha Mehjabin يقول

    Just woooooow

  16. Ms_Gen_Xodus يقول

    A world of happy and fulfilled people would collapse every economy in the world.

    Those who are in power don't want us to be happy and fulfilled. They want us sedated and compliant.

    Go to work so that you can then go shopping over the weekend while you attempt to fill your empty life with shiny new baubles.

  17. Shatabdi Zarifa يقول

    OMG!This left me in tears

  18. Jodie Henry يقول

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  19. Tommy or Nothing يقول

    I’d pay for this session! Wow! Thank you!

  20. Charanjeet Kaur يقول

    Lots of power and love to Guy winch. I have a respect for you.

  21. 유샤 يقول
  22. oduah keren يقول

    Phewww. This just made me teary.

  23. Mercurychick يقول

    There is so much insight here and valuable info. I wish more people would watch this. Living in a city thats overpopulated and yet so many suffer from lonliness. Insanity.

  24. Mila Shabelle يقول

    Loneliness: Purely subjective, depends solely on whether you feel emotionally or socially disconnected from those around you. You can't treat a psychological wound if you don't know you're injured.

    Failure: The only thing that can prevent you from succeeding is your mind. We all have a default set of feelings and beliefs that get triggered whenever we encounter frustrations and setbacks. Are you aware of how your mind reacts to failure, you need to be. Because if your mind makes you feel like you're incapable of something, you'll believe it. Like those two toddlers you'll begin to feel helpless and you'll stop trying too soon or not even try at all and you become convinced that you can't succeed. That's why so many people function below their actual potential. A single failure convinced them they can't succeed and they believed it. Once you become convinced of something, it's very hard to change your mind. It might be very natural to feel demoralized and defeated after you fail, but you cannot allow yourself to become convinced you can't succeed. You have to fight feeling of helplessness, you have to gain control over the situation and you have to break this kind of negative cycle before it begins.

    Self Esteem- Story about woman who goes on a date, the man rejects her, and her mind in her hurt state tells her "Well you have big hips, you have nothing interesting to say, why would a successful handsome man like that go out with a loser like you?" Our self esteem is already hurting, why would we want to injure it further? Why do we obsess over our short comings or call ourselves names? We wouldn't make a physical injury worse. Why do we do it with psychological injuries? because of poor emotional hygiene, we don't prioritize ourselves. When your self esteem is lower, you are more vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Failures and rejections hurt more and you take longer to recover. When you get rejected, first thing you should be doing is revive your self esteem, not beat it to a pulp. When you're in emotional pain, treat yourself with the same compassion you would expect from a truly good friend. We have to catch our unhealthy psychological habits and change them.

    Negative thinking- Rumination, one of the unhealthiest psychological habits we have that we have to change. To ruminate means to chew over, where you can't stop replaying negative things that have happened to you. Ruminating can easily become a habit. By spending so much time focused on upsetting and negative thoughts, you are putting yourself at risk for clinical depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. The urge to ruminate can feel really strong and important. It's a difficult habit to stop. Guy tells story about twin brother going through cancer and how he couldn't stop thinking about what he was going through and how much he was suffering. One way to stop ruminating? Studies tell us, even a 2 minute distraction can help us break the urge to ruminate. Each time you have a worrying upsetting thought, force yourself to concentrate on something else until the urge passes. Within one with, his outlook changed and became more positive and more hopeful. His brother beat the cancer and successfully recovered.

    Conclusion- By taking action when you're lonely, by changing your responses to failure, by protecting your self esteem, by battling negative thinking, you won't just heal your psychological wounds, you will build emotional resilience, you will thrive. 100 years ago, people began practicing personal hygiene, life expectancy rates rose. Our quality of life can improve just as drastically if we practice emotional hygiene. Imagine how the world would be if more people were emotionally healthy. If you just become informed and change a few habits, that's a world we can all live in.

  25. Parami Gunathunga يقول

    The best relationship you can have in life, is the one you have with yourself.

  26. Lucas Aragão يقول

    Thank you!

  27. Patricia Naling يقول

    Thank you.

  28. Yuan Q يقول


  29. Ryan Coffey يقول

    “Chronic loneliness can harm your immune system”

    Each time I go through a breakup I get very sick the next week it makes sense

  30. Shreya يقول

    I just want to thanks Ted…for bringing up such amazing personalities here❤

  31. Ali GShow يقول

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  32. Taylor Sky يقول

    We call names to ourselves because that's what was taught to us during childhood.
    Our internal bad voices are nothing but our caregivers voices.

  33. Julie Meyer يقول

    Your emotional to physical analogies are so easy to follow and relate to. Thanks so much for making this videos.

  34. Kechia's Worldzoid يقول

    Thank you very much Dr. Guy Winch.

  35. Ayshathul Mubashara يقول

    Such an amazing talk

  36. Sokaï Yako يقول

    Thank you !
    You have One more builder for this world !

  37. Terez Fran Beharry يقول

    thank you…peace to you and your family…now sending this to my sister who has stage 4 cancer.

  38. stayyay يقول

    Thank you so much for sharing


    I am broken in many ways

  40. Regenia Staaf يقول

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