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  1. Mercide يقول

    Omg,,,,, so sad learning oxytocin helps with your stress but at the same time knowing you need social contact/connection for it to work. Someone kill me already.

  2. Mukul يقول

    i think from thumbnail taht it is about your friend and how to stress him

  3. Cameron Burkhart يقول

    7:17 "This is my body helping me rise to this challenge."
    And… THAT is the secret of stress!
    TEENAGERS, SAT/ACT test takers, you should be taking notes!

  4. Anh Nguyen Zo يقول

    this is the reason I'm really into this progamme. It gives me several advices from billion aspects of life

  5. Encaris يقول

    I have been in a content state of debilitation anxiety for almost 2 months. This video has been a huge help. Thank you so much.

  6. alam md. sam sul يقول

    five times a day is nt enough…stress…amd.

  7. KerianRegis يقول

    >Stress is actually good for you, now work harder for the glory of our company!
    Do Americans really?

  8. I wanna be a Philosopher يقول

    F…is that true ?

  9. Roman Kravchenko يقول

    Jesus told: Believe what I said and pray for each other…. It was told thousands of years ago. NOW we are getting smarter 🙂

  10. 앤썬 annsun يقول

    I guess the way people see things affects the mental health greatly. Let's be positive positive positive…

  11. Sigma Σ يقول

    The way dat her speaks…
    ..makes me feel inspire

  12. Võ Lê Tường Vi يقول

    At the moment, I'm learning listening skill for the IELTS Examination and your speaking voice is incredibly easy to follow. Thank you for your share, I acquire knowledge and enhance my listening performance from that.

  13. rbda يقول

    Stuff that makes school underrated

  14. 飛 雷 يقول


  15. Carla Couyet يقول

    Thank you very much for your video very interesting

  16. We are the Muellers يقول

    I believe this!

  17. Shota يقول

    By reading her book, I wanted to get more stress!

  18. The Gates يقول

    Thank you ❤️ You saved a life ❤️

  19. BaudelaireOrphan يقول

    Tell this to COVID

  20. Reign Allens يقول

    Dr.ademise on youtube is truly a godsent here i confirmed this after he helped me got rid of the herpes virus permanently

  21. Awanda Andralisa يقول

    This is amazing and thank-you for indonesian subtitle

  22. Mrs B يقول

    Beautiful talk

  23. Ujjwala kanyal يقول

    Just amazing , Thankuuuuuuuuuu so much for such a wonderful scientific advice

  24. Nicola Domanin يقول

    Our brain is so much more sophisticated than us we mismanage it and use it against ourselves…

  25. Nicola Domanin يقول

    What controls vessels and blood flow is the brain, the brain tries to protect you from what is harmful so when you think that pumping lots of blood is harming you it tries to restrict it. Similar reason as to why placebo effect is a thing

  26. Tarun Chauhan يقول

    hi thank you for a video. hamere relative me yahi problorm thi, or buhat jayada parshan me the ye problem koh lekar,fir hamne
    planet ayurveda ke product order kiya, onse buhat jayada fark pada,or bhi boh ab bhi onke product use karte ha,or sabhi bhi planet ayurveda ke product
    use karo or jaldi se jaldi thik ho . thank you.

  27. Anna Ruby يقول

    This has really changed my perspective! I'm glad as I have a condition that increases stress.

  28. Let's capture it يقول

    The cool thing is that stress makes you more social releasing oxytocin

  29. Dan Man يقول

    If you change the way you think, you will change the way you feel.

  30. Ather Radwi يقول

    Oh WoW wow wow, now that’s a beautiful and wise insight into the whole Anxiety-Depression paradigm! Very simply, and as I understood , the modern ultra-civilized society of today lacks compassion and empathy towards self, let alone for others. It’s also so harsh a critique of everyone else as it lacks, in so many minute ways , true self esteem!
    Materialism has replaced human Soul.

  31. Suzanne Birnbaum يقول

    This talk stressed me out!!

  32. Rishi Baskota يقول

    Brilliant love you

  33. Odracir adeur يقول

    In heaven is only One YHWH the best Army of Angels ready to do anything

  34. Odracir adeur يقول

    If you continue all do bad move all planet to over here see the you play hard

  35. Odracir adeur يقول

    I not friends the dirty mind

  36. mostafa mahdiyousef يقول

    That was realy helpful fascinating lecture .
    I have changed my mind about heart pounds when im confronted by inevitable stresses.

  37. Winie Ovalles يقول

    I'm very impressed and happy with this study amazing how this is connected with the heart and human connection. WOW

  38. Valerie Vergara يقول

    such a nice ted taaaalk

  39. ALI SUROOR يقول

    (How do we deal with youth in the face of renewed challenges?)

    The sage must take all the reasons for cultural inhibition when dealing with the problems that exist today in light of the issues at the table of public responsibility, which are the concerns of parents and officials.
    Let us take the problem of amplifying the void of the modern generation after college or during official holidays, such as being outside the awareness of the family and outside the eyes of the law. Errors cannot be observed because they are far from being noticed.
    Therefore, we do not want to go into the details of the dilemmas, but we do want to develop permanent solutions, not temporary, as politicians do, we have to ask the intellectuals because they develop sustainable solutions.
    All youth sponsoring organizations must develop a strategy that is in line with the new desires of young people.
    The halls are open for young people to gather in their spare time and experts in criminology and psychology are brought in to give free lectures.
    – Preparing the various dining tables after the end of the lectures to attend in order to attract the largest possible number of young people, because bridging hunger is more important than the well-being of many of the new generation.
    – Giving new singers opportunities to sing after the lectures, and the painters to set up a mini-exhibition after the lectures for the purpose of selling and advertising, because singing is a factor that attracts young people.
    Doing and replicating these methods in all cities serves all segments of society and prevents common mistakes.


  40. Johnson Naguit يقول

    So how about the cortisol?

  41. JAY يقول

    Good stress

  42. DieselBudgie يقول

    So as long as I don't stress about the stress I'm fine

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