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36 thoughts on “How To Check Battery Health On ANY Android!

  1. It has been proven time and time again that this app is not accurate.

  2. يقول L-S Movies:

    Hlo sir l want to buy phone in nepal

  3. يقول 勇樹:

    My battery health is 81%

  4. يقول akiraharuko_:

    Today my mom told me that my battery is stuck in 75%, so, i think i should check my battery health

  5. Didnt know my battery was heavily damaged… 55%… Bruh

  6. يقول Nabin Vlogs:

    Thats battery level not battery health lol.there is no way to see battery health on samsung i guess

  7. يقول zhikit Chong:

    My Samsung GalaxyAO2 88% is 21h29m

  8. يقول wooyaaa:

    It say my battery health is 409% how is that even possible???

  9. يقول tri tran:

    what's that phone name you 're using in the video

  10. يقول Darwin Vironomy:

    49%!!!! from 72%! what does it take? a month.

  11. يقول Youssef Jemal:


  12. يقول R C:

    battery health feature on this app is incredibly inaccurate and rubbish to be honest. Very inconsistent!

  13. يقول :

    It says my battery health is 2% I used this phone for 6 years!

  14. يقول Kyle Mark:

    I did not know theres an app that checks your Android your battery health

  15. يقول Sabine Fernando:

    how about info sam on playstore

  16. يقول Kieran Swire:

    I think your Instagram app is out of date?

  17. يقول Chaitanya Hosamane:

    My battery goes down whin i turn it off while sleeping. I made sure to turn off all the apps , then too my phone battery goes down. Can you please tell me whats wrong.

  18. يقول Serra Danis:

    Okay Steve Jobs you did well nobody think that there are an application about it.. Dislike !

  19. يقول Xxprima_noctaxX:

    I downloaded this as soon as I got my phone and it said I was at 92% battery health…isn't that bad?

  20. يقول Hakim Aqil:

    OMG, While i'm watching his video, my battery same with him 77% haha

  21. يقول kejorafall:

    How to increase the health?

  22. يقول Dash:

    Hi i downloaded this app. Used it for 3 days now but the battery health is not showing. How do i charge my phone? Should i let it reach to 100%? Because when i charge it i let my phone reach 100%

  23. يقول Ah Kou:

    My battery health is 55% should I change it?

  24. يقول Daniel:

    How many days does it take for learning usage pattern for battery to go?

  25. يقول Dazza 2017:

    Brutal app.Total waste .Tried it a few years ago.

  26. يقول Aryan:

    Me with 2 year old samsung galaxy s9 having with 1500 mah

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