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26 thoughts on “How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli

  1. يقول Katherine Jones:

    Which nutrients shrink enlarged amygdala of conspiracy believers?

    Is this taught in medical school?

  2. يقول john deere:

    This should be on biden's briefing

  3. يقول Louise Wilkinson:

    Wow this has really been interesting to watch

  4. يقول bedirhan basatemur:

    if you live in turkey, healthy food is so expensive.

  5. يقول Oliver Rupcic:

    The brain does not talk you got a soul people

  6. يقول Oliver Rupcic:

    When you train kickboxing your brain gets extra stimulation from shaking

  7. يقول Yuki Yuka:

    Brain: I need many micronutrients
    eats fast food and vitamin supplements
    is that enough for you

  8. يقول Eupho:

    The animation is so funny.

  9. يقول Abs Babs:

    It sounds so obvious in a video, but you dont really think about it normally. Since I was a kid till my high school I used to consume large amounts of sugar and caffeine from the morning itself, and I would always feel a hugee sugar rush that would make me think I have lots of energy, then I would crash hard by 10am and I always assumed it was cause I needed more sugar….only years later did I realize it was the sugar that made me crash as hard as the rush

  10. يقول Aurelia Elle:

    Don't eat high glycemic food like white bread instead eat
    (Cz rapid blood increase then shoots down)

    Foods like oats grains and legumes
    So you can be on it for a long time a more steady attentiveness

    Omega 3 6 fatty acid
    Nuts seeds fatty fish


    amino acid

    Anti oxidants n radicals
    Fruits veggies
    B6 b12 folic acid

    Iron copper zync sodium
    Range of foods balanced

  11. يقول md bkash:

    The meaty ravioli endogenously zip because shop ethically talk forenenst a rare cuban. lyrical, hospitable bicycle

  12. يقول Global Memes:

    Also brain be like – and also brain be like

  13. يقول Aziz Rahman:

    This channel/ platform can affect ones brains

  14. يقول shum ying Hon:

    in everything

  15. thank you for making me skinny

  16. يقول Tattoo Quin:

    Came here for Validation

  17. يقول trap door:

    what a beautiful animation

  18. يقول Ignacio Bozzolo:


  19. يقول Tanusree majumder:

    Ted ed: " If you sucked.. "
    Me: why are you attacking me personally?!

  20. يقول The_Story:

    anyone else start power-eating these foods? lmao

  21. يقول Alisher Pirov:

    The expression – "your brain" is illogical. Possesive pronouns like "Your, our" mean a posession of something or a relation to something/someone. In order to fullfil these requirements "you" have to exist… but you don`t. "You" are a sum of functions of a brain that projects "you" and a brain that perseives "you". If the same brain projects and perseives, "you" are able to define yourself as "I". "You" are an inconsistent image, an image that is being affected by the brain chemistry. "You" are an inconsistent result mostly predetermined by the genes that formed the brain that is going to form "you". A brain exists, "you" are an illusion, thus "you" don`t posess a brain and nether does a brain posess "you". Similar to a vibration produced by a violin, "you" are produced by a brain.

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