1. Ebby Trevino يقول

    As an Aquarius mother this is the hardest work I’ve ever had go through …

    I really didn’t realize I had so much trauma

  2. Muzna Calasow يقول

    This is the 3rd time I am watching this lady

  3. Yayang Tapir يقول


  4. Lindsey يقول

    I am so scared to have kids, because of how my parents treated me. I don’t want to pass on the trauma and I feel like I can’t solve or cope with my trauma. It feels kinda hopeless to know I got a 9 on the aces. it feels like I won’t ever get over my trauma

  5. Tatyana Z يقول

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

  6. Avioneta يقول

    13:38 you've been seen asleep at a conference 4,218,040 times, as of today 🙂

  7. Stargirl 1602 يقول

    Lol 10 points on my ace score guess you could say I aced it

  8. Delaney Kenney يقول

    i'm a victim of childhood trauma. i am the oldest child in my family, so unfortunately i remember a lot of it. it has affected my life so much, and even though i'm 19 now and it happened 14-15 years ago, i'm still recovering and healing from it. i haven't gotten help from it. i was also apparently diagnosed with ADHD, which i believe, but also, could it just be trauma taking over my brain? i hope one day i can get help, as well as other people who have unresolved childhood trauma.

  9. Johnson hen يقول

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  10. Eve T يقول

    A blessing!✨

  11. Marlyn Matias يقول

    WOW! I can't believe Ive never seen this, My world just shattered. I hope there is hope for us already in our 40s experiencing the health issues due to childhood trauma

  12. MrShimekelo يقول

    I'm going to say I'm having a hard time following with all the medical information but this woman's energy is magnetic I love it

  13. Israel Cgutiérrez يقول

    I'm more than 7 for sure…
    More than 35 years old…
    Not sure I'm fixable

  14. tom Meadows يقول

    What a beautiful and intelligent doctor. Thank you for the information you've shared.

  15. Gail Bishop يقول

    I wish that this information would have been around when I was a child but in the 60’s and 70’s no one talked about child abuse. It was all swept under the rug, and I became a child who would try to be invisible so my mother didn’t slap me for no reason or so that my father didn’t try and rape me. Yes I had cancer, still fighting depression and anxiety … so many times I wished I were dead so I didn’t have to worry about anything anymore. I wish that you can help the children who need you the most.

  16. Cordelia Blakeslee يقول

    My husband used these CBD products from Weedborn and is very pleased.

  17. Lisa Villarreal يقول

    Why did I get offended that the lady at 13:38 is asleep…Dr. Burke Harris is speaking! She is absolutely brilliant!!!!!

  18. Lacy Bird يقول

    Still filled with bliss imagining how i was able to beat the genital herpes finally after consulting Dr.ademise

  19. james stevenson يقول

    This girl is good hard working wise compassionate and caring . Thank God for her.

  20. Talak Babu يقول

    The silent news relevantly confuse because diploma aditionally ruin besides a hurried oyster. imaginary, spicy daffodil

  21. Jean Paul Pierre يقول

    I knew I didn't have ADHD

  22. Michael Owino يقول


  23. Karen James يقول

    Thank you, it is so good to see someone in the medical field advocating for taking this study seriously! I have been trying to motivate doctors in Canada to even consider this information and get nothing but resistance. You are really moving in the right direction.

  24. William Anderson يقول

    i absolutely love this honest and real podcast , thank you nadine , im an ambassador for the wave trust and their 70/30 campaign for a trauma informed community here in scotland working with my friend jay haston , raising awareness of childhood trauma

  25. Timothy G يقول

    This is depressing, so the stuff I had to go through could not only affect my mental health but now my physical health too? 🙁 Great

  26. sirène يقول

    i believe in this woman’s future.

  27. DangerDave يقول

    Please help Fibromyalgia

  28. Craig Beattie يقول

    The only way to move forward after abuse is to mentally rewire your brain. This is a lifetime process and is very very hard to do – but its not impossible. We need to move away from talking too much about the persons mental health – yes talk about it at the beginning and find the root cause is the first step. From my experience the person has to work in steps. The first step is talking about your mental health. Second step is to stop talking about your mental health and learn how to ignore it. Third step is to the learn how to love and respect people, telling your children/ friends that you 'love them' even if you don't have the experience/feelings of love. Final step is learn to love yourself. You cannot learn to love yourself until steps 1-3 are accomplished to some degree. After this you will find happiness.

  29. Craig Beattie يقول

    A lot of this is common sense when you have been abused. Having a degree in psychology will never make you an expert on abuse, It still amazes me how far behind we always are with what help is needed. The so called experts are still getting it wrong. Why do the experts still believe that an abused child who has been adopted think its better to still see their biological parents. This is completely wrong. The child/children needs to be broken away from the abuser if they stand any chance of progressing in life.

  30. Sunil Kumar يقول

    so true

  31. Tina Bradshaw يقول

    People consider 18 yrs old Grown it takes the brain till age of 25 yrs old to be fully developed

  32. Cotton Candy يقول

    Oh so true, high doses of adversity in a person from a baby through child hood to late teenage years would ware out your adrenal response. And the its tired out and you don't just suffer from ischemic hear disease or hepatitis. You suffer from sadness and lonely ness. And so many other common diseases, far more than mentioned.
    Found unresponsive and starved as an 11 month old. I was like a lot of children. Never ever hugged , just abused and used. Trouble is you don't realise till it's far too late that you too deserve to be loved and held. That's what trauma does. It's takes away your realisation that you deserved to be love too.

  33. Roberta Smeraldo يقول

    I sometimes wish I could go back in time and pick up the child me and take them away from witnessing my parents argue every single night

  34. Laura Kinghan يقول

    Thank u!!! EXCELLENT.

  35. iUPRISING يقول

    I kept it all a secret for the longest time hoping that maybe id forget, only it never goes away and i am haunted by my past and the daily struggles of just fighting these demons in my head. I kept all my childhood trauma and pain inside. I hated myself, i never felt understood or that i didn’t understand that i badly needed help. I was shaking, crying i couldn’t get the right words out of my mouth the shame guilt and fear i felt when i first told my mom and dad, it took a lot for me to open up, i just couldn’t speak up i just cried so hard . I have told my mom and dad , and brother on a different occasion but only my mom took me seriously and even then when i act up she gets angry and gaslights me and she plays the victim. I hate my life. My dad and brother mustve forgot because my dad he doesnt remember and my brother still talks highly about my child molester/pedophile uncle who sexually abused me from 5 till i was 9 years old. My granma verbally abused me, beaten me up and punished me for doing badly at school when i had adhd but i knew those times they didnt talk about mental health and we were poor. I never told anyone until it was too late. I want my life back, im wasitng it away.. I dont know why ive held back for so long. I never did well at school or had goals or made my dad proud because all i knew was i was worthless and ugly(its how i seen myself for the longest time). I am begging the universe to just let me catch a break. God knows how many times a day i think of suicide just to end my pain
    I am just exhausted. I wish i could change my past

  36. Vienna يقول

    My dad didn’t hit me often, but he verbally abused me my entire childhood. He told me how worthless I was, how ugly I was, how terrible I was, everyday. He threw things and threatened to burn my things if I was a bad daughter again. He left uncountable dents in the wall and woke me up in the middle of the night to yell at me about a dream he had. In that dream, I was a bad kid. I sat their while he screamed at me until I burst into tears. I tried so hard to be good and make him proud, but it was never enough. He made my mom cut off her friends, her family, everyone she loved. My dad is bipolar, but that doesn’t make it ok. I thought it was ok. In the heat of the moment, my mom finally had enough and took us to my grandparents to live with until the divorce was finalized. Being the oldest, I lived with my abusive father for my entire childhood. Those are years I will never get back. All I have to show for my childhood is depression, anxiety, and and an eating disorder.

  37. Alice Jones يقول

    I recently used this video as a reference in a first year uni assignment. I'm kinda bummed that I couldn't APA reference this speaker as a Dr. because it isn't in the title of the video. Is there a reason why TED doesn't put Dr. in front of the speakers name in recognition? Is it the same reason we don't put Mr. or Ms. in front of other speakers names?

  38. N G يقول


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