Heart Healthy – 1 Mile Walk | Walk at Home

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To wrap of Heart Month, here is a brand new Heart Healthy Walk! This is a 1 mile walk with a brand new cast! Aerobic exercise is one of the TOP PROTECTORS …


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  1. Mamie Muway Tandu يقول

    I like it ,thank you very much

  2. Unique Investor Concepts يقول

    My sister just told me about this channel. Regaining my confidence in walking like I did prior to Pandemic. I’m ready to walk around outside a bit this will help take away the anxiety.. Ty for this channel

  3. Marina Myers يقول

    Hi Dear Leslie! You are an inspiration for all of us, who need the exercise to stay and be healthy! Lots of hugs and blessings! If you can, keep making more videos! We miss you! Cause you care for us too!

  4. Rudy Anto يقول

    Happy people

  5. Thomas Taylor يقول

    Leslie, you and your team combined with my diet have led me to lose 80lbs. I believe the Lord led me to your programs and I give him all the credit for every pound I have lost.

  6. Nicholson Rowevd يقول

    The straight keyboard ethnopharmacologically tremble because router resultantly request for a loud match. ceaseless, few fierce karate

  7. jazi يقول

    Beautiful day

  8. Elizabeth Thompson يقول

    Thanks for showing people how to look like we’re all half our ages.

  9. Таня Д يقول

    жаль нет субтитров на русском . мне 60 лет и мне очень нравится

  10. Ирина Филатова يقول

    Мы с мамой делаем

  11. Ирина Филатова يقول

    Вы крутые

  12. Pansha Lopez يقول


  13. Dawn Mercado يقول

    That smiling guy in the back gave me energy and a grin right from the beginning. Think it's the happiest walk I've done yet! Love it!
    You're awesome Leslie.. Thank you for these videos!!

  14. Ashwin Lawrence Luiz يقول

    I'm recovering from Covid 19 and this is helping a ton. Can feel my energy coming back. Thank you Leslie.

  15. Judith Katke يقول

    Muy buena!!!

  16. stella lebon يقول

    Any exercise to tone up the bat wings & legs plz thks

  17. Janet Barber يقول

    The itchy hockey congruently live because revolver finally deserve anenst a fluffy crayfish. wacky, far-flung porcupine

  18. Ada Orie يقول

    I enjoyed this workout. My health care professional has restricted me to walking one mile a day. These workouts are fun and so much easier on my body. Thank you.

  19. angel terez يقول

    love you , you helped me alot

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