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  1. Joshua Monreal يقول

    The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. The Forwago program helped me to realize that I can achieve almost everything if I just try it hard enough. Believe in yourself 🙂

  2. dharma 3 يقول

    OF COURSE the "standard American diet" is a conspiracy! The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) works hand in hand — eating bad food makes your body requires medicine. Many FDA officials used to work for big pharma. It's not rocket science to realize it's about money.

  3. tina danielsson يقول

    Might be good to not only nod along but also question what they are saying…

  4. Alex Bert يقول

    fastrxtop 24/7 doctor just in case, let it be here

  5. Best Version يقول

    New day new me! Why wait for a new year?

  6. Annnnn يقول

    sleep – don't presume that we all need 8 hours sleep, if you're lazy I can understand why.. What a load of rubbish in regards to light, I have blinds letting street light in all night. 2. Optimise Sleep, walk, run, cycle, swim…. 5 to 6 hours day. I don't usually run until after 12 am and often run 2 times a day.. Rubbish everybody is different cortisone may wake you up – embrace it and make the most of the day.. 3. on one night of bad sleep you become more emotional – yes you become more intone with your real deep feelings on things which are important to you, bringing those emotions to your attention is highly positive. 4. eat more fat. 5. Never argue with Peter Hack 4. he must have a big immune system, b. good bacteria will turn bad with the wrong nutrition and can be in the lungs as well as the gut. Hi Tom Aarronhere big time follower of your show. I make that 6 or so tips and I'm about 1/2 way through your video, what happens in the second 1/2 I mean how many tips is 7? 🙂

  7. David Barbara يقول

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  8. Missdeejay يقول

    Who is the guy at 5 min?

  9. Vanessa Constanti يقول

    "You lost me at "leaky gut" it's total bunk.

  10. Jenna Ranna يقول

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  11. Gilbert Williams يقول

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  12. Free Spirit With Nature يقول

    My heart surgeon says this , and he’s one of the best .
    No Dairy, no sugars, no meat .
    I have a lot of heart disease in family,and all aunts ,grandma,etc all died from this . My keto dad dropped dead , and he did everything keto,properly . Never smoked,drank red wine ,once in a blue moon. It was the exact same thing that killed those before him. They came from organic farms,foods , hard work,my god ,and yet at 66 ,he’s dead . It’s unbelievable to me . Reflecting now ,yes he ate olive oils, everything my heart surgeons are saying no too. I didn’t have heart problems but they tested ,and so I had to change my diet,due to oils,dairy’s , I have Severe Gastritis. Cabbage soup with only carrots was the only thing I could consume. I read the blood type diet. Diets don’t work ,but hereditary is also something we cannot ignore either. Plus they didn’t have fast food .
    I am a firm believer in this , listening to your body . Some days I crave certain foods , what’s in those foods . I go to dr and sure enough D3 was 7 when it should be 87 . Now I’m on 50,000 units. Dr STASHA GOMINAK Vitamin D And the gut .
    Magnesium Chloride by Dr Carloyn Dean ReMag with sea salt was the only thing that worked for my sleeping 4 days straight.
    I stopped,it returned. So it feels like mononucleosis times 1,000.000.000. No exaggeration.
    I also have CRPS,the pain is excruciating. I look like I’m in a fire . Genetics do play a part ,however PAUL STAMETS is really onto something here .,@ he’s figured a way to bring the bees back,and the direct correlation between Bears , Birch Trees , Bees , Forests ,soil, Microbiomes , beetles ,caterpillars,plus ants .
    He’s found a way to keep bugs out of house ,and omg what he learned from a Tokyo subway system ,and what mushrooms do to our beautiful brains, and building our immune systems as well. This man is a genius,hence he’s humble enough not to mention his Creds. He’s saved his moms stage 4 breast cancer,by giving her mushrooms with Drs meds because they said no ,to old, she was 84 ,now 96 . So definitely have a PAUL STAMETS on , people’s minds will never be the same.

  13. Vernstone يقول

    Tom thank you so much for this , May God bless you in everything you do!

  14. Fernando Saldaña يقول

    So much wisdom! Thanks Tom, you're really helping here!

  15. Kristina Peciuliene يقول

    Feel really grateful, lucky and happy that found your channel ❤

  16. 柯羽书Inge Van Keirsbilck يقول

    Discovering this video now, seems superinteresting. One important remark: please mention if eating regimes have been tested ty men (males) only or by women as well. Some stuff just doesn't work on women. Thanks! Love from Brussels

  17. XAXAMAMA يقول

    First tip is a bit meh, come on dude, get outside in the morning, how do you think people are getting around these days, teleporting?

  18. Samer TV يقول

    nice video. wanna be friends?

  19. Samer TV يقول

    nice video. wanna be friends?

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