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“Have you ever had a gut feeling or butterflies in your stomach? Has hunger ever changed your mood? Our bellies and brains are physically and biochemically …


33 thoughts on “Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain | Ruairi Robertson | TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica

  1. يقول Tian Xie:

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  2. يقول Justaguy:

    So its not technically a brain that gives it own name?

  3. يقول Fernando:

    There is an error in the Portuguese translation: 100 BILLIONS (not millions) neurons. And, of course, Suzana Herculano-Houzel demonstrated that we have 86 billions neurons, not 100 billions

  4. يقول Hannah Carter:

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  5. يقول Ellen MS:

    Full summary and notes of the talk:

    Bellies and brains are biochemically connected resulting in an intense connection between one's thoughts and behaviors to one's food.

    Nutritionist, microbiologist and neuroscientist Ruairi Robertson researches the link between intestines and how their microbes influence physical and mental health. Ruairi has researched nutrition and believes diet is key to global public health.

    Some gut bacteria support cholera
    Some rid body of cholera
    Tie between gut and human health

    Increase in asthma, obesity disease
    Birth canal bacteria are necessary for the best health

    Link of gut and brain:
    Guts have a hundred million neurons
    Gut health can affect brain health
    neurotransmitters can change behavior

    90% is created in the gut
    Modern diet disruptions in intestines

    Help healthy microbiome grow

    The secret to long life:
    Bacterially fermented milk contributed to long life
    researcher lived nearly 2x as long as average life expectancy in France (70 instead of 40)

    Call to action:
    Adopt desire to educate c sections
    Restrict antibiotics
    Increase prebiotics in diet

  6. يقول md bkash:

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  7. Thanks for sharing! Did you know that changing what you eat can change your microbiome in just 2 days?

  8. يقول Pooja Joshi:

    Ancient Ayurveda also lays importance to Food. It’s common knowledge in Indian, that stomach is the root for disease …… if I may add stomach is also the root route for all cure.

  9. يقول S Lgd:

    He just confirms the intuition of philosophers such as the materialists of the 18th 19th centuries and Nietzsche. Nothing new but proofs.

  10. يقول Tastermonial:

    Food as medicine! However, hypocrites as it is, most companies promoting personalized nutrition and microbiome are all focusing on drugs and supplements. It's a money-making business! Food is cheap and not lucrative to make businesses.

  11. يقول Pearson Tran:

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  13. يقول Shaik Tahur:

    So he didn't spoke but the bacterias.

  14. يقول Dr.Jaideep Singh:

    Great .I started loving microbes
    I got this feeling I am no more alone
    I have billions of tiny people with me

  15. يقول Jen Random Stuff:

    Omg he's soooo friggin cute.

  16. يقول 지연 우:

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  17. يقول Kingsley Maharajah:

    Well if this doesn't call for a drink of Yakult, I don't know what will.

  18. يقول Jimenez, BF:

    Very interesting topic to keep researching

  19. يقول Anaderol:

    Question: When antibiotics destroy natural (healthy) bacteria – does the body regenerate the bacteria once use of the antibiotics is ceased?

  20. يقول Anaderol:

    Excellent. Thank you. Interesting and effectively communicated. It’s great to have academics who understand the importance of effective verbal delivery. His body language, his voice, his projection all contributed to keep the listener engaged and interested. As a sideline this guy should run workshops for other academics/scientists who have mastered how to put their audience to sleep.

  21. يقول Akwaaba B:

    up until now i was lead to believe our second brain was our colon.

  22. يقول Israel Freeman:

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  28. THIS IS IT. the missing piece. thank you

  29. If bacteria cells weight similar to human cells, then there is 100 pounds of gut bacteria? I have seen this revised. Also, then having a bowl movement make one more human?

  30. يقول NetiHera:

    I enjoy watching you. Thank you

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