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Checking out those enemy stats and stuff. Music: Blackness Ahead by CoTeCiO River by Stuart Rynn Fixed sprite graphics and offsets by Revenant100: …


47 thoughts on “Enemy Health, Damage and More

  1. يقول decino:

    Hell Knight and Baron melee damage is 10-80, not 8-80 as stated in the video haha whoops lmao out loud. Same with the Cacodemon bite — actually 10-60, not 6-60.

  2. يقول JekrixLokan:

    Barrel is a fucking chad

  3. يقول Farmer Villager:

    So that means Doomguy has 100% pain chance?

  4. يقول MrUnl33t:

    So, lost soul and revenant are the same height?

  5. يقول Alexis R.:

    everything demon is a demon but stronger like the cyber demons the strongest imp

  6. يقول Moe Lester:

    Bruh decino really whipped out all the missing rotation sprites

  7. Id worker 1:this is the hell knight
    id worker 2: what kind of attacks he has?
    id worker 3: lets make him just a stronger imp with more health
    id workers: Thats awsome

  8. يقول Astra 060:

    To people who Don't know anything about Computer graphics, Don't just assume things. DOOM is a completely 3D game, however Many things are Sprites instead of 3d Objects, Maps are 3D. Yes DOOM I & II are 3D. you can"t make DOOM in a 2D Engine at full.

  9. يقول I am The spy:

    What about their weaknesses.

  10. Is there a similar channel but for half life instead?

  11. يقول Randomthings:

    12:35 twO hUnREAd aNd sIxty TwO (according to google the speed is 264 u/s)

  12. يقول Maddox Mullis:

    Have you ever noticed that a chain Gunner actually has a goatee. If you look closely the chain Gunner has black stuff around his bloody mouth that looks like a beard. Also how many times did he say it's like an imp?

  13. يقول Mariano Solis:

    recien me di cuenta que las arachnotrons y Spider mastermind tienen brazos xd

  14. يقول FinnishRaccoon:

    I want to see a kamekaze sprite for the Lost Souls

  15. In my opinion, the Doom roster is missing a Demon focused on closed combat in a higher weight class.
    The Pinky only works in massive groups as a serious threat to get in your face,
    if the player has a Super Shotgun.

  16. يقول DKenny90:

    1:33 enough talk, have at you!

  17. يقول 7dog123:

    I wonder what the chance is of you getting an Immortal Lost Soul is.

  18. يقول Barbara Cordone:

    In the HIdeous Destructor mod, ZombieMen are arguably much more dangerous than Shotgunners, as HD goes for Milsim/Tarkov levels of lethality in combat, and Zombiemen's rifles can fire up to 2100 RPM in burst mode and penetrate green armor. Shotgunners by comparison are much less threatening (Even though some of them carry super shotguns!) since pellets hardly damage armor.

    There's even a unique "variant" of the shotgunner (Called a ZM jackboot or Helmet Jackboot) which uses a modified black marine sprite and is acts more like an aggressive zombieman, as he's still armed with a rifle yet often wears a flak jacket making him tanky.

    Chaingunners are also incredibly annoying. IIRC their accuracy is trash but if they hit you you're pretty much dead. Like the ZM Jackboot they also tend to wear armor.

  19. يقول Andrew Blake:

    Been playing Doom since I was a kid and I've only just realised the Pain Elemental has tiny angry arms. Can't help but laugh at how ridiculous it now looks, despite being one of the more frustrating enemies.

  20. يقول Migalodon:

    It's like an imp
    – Decino

  21. يقول fat kid 66:

    I just realized arachnotrons have arms

  22. يقول aa:

    0:35 "Doom isn't real 3D, it's like 1.5D"
    Yeah, right. Good thing this guy wasn't in charge of any programming whatsoever, or it would have been a disaster.

  23. يقول Raphael Sallan:

    You forgot to mention about the firing speed

  24. يقول Karl Sharp:

    I can assure you there IS an upstairs lol, I've been up that staircase countless times. His son Lincoln was my BFF in high school. Also, Sandy is a Sunday School teacher (!) on occasion. Not something most folks expect of a man responsible for Lovecraftian/Satanic elements in games.

  25. يقول man yes:

    Shot Gunner:68 pain chance

    Me: we were so close to greatness

  26. يقول Michael Martinez:

    I only clicked cus the thumb said he's ass was 100%… Lol what's that about.

  27. يقول The good gamer pro:

    cyherdemon has a melee attack in the snes version of doom

  28. يقول Matthew Exline:

    At 17:23 you made a bit of an error. Romero's head painchance is 100%. The powers of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. That's 2^8, for one byte. That's 256 POSSIBLE NUMBERS. Since numbers start at ZERO in this context and not at ONE, the highest number is 255, not 256.

  29. يقول Denis Savgir:

    I remember as a kid I memorized the sprite and sound names for all the monsters and would make levels, dehacked patches, etc

  30. يقول Denis Savgir:

    It goes up to 255 instead of 256 because it may be stored in an unsigned char, which can have values between 0 and 255. 256 would be an integer overflow equal to 0. 257 would be 1, etc.

  31. يقول ElCivilPixeleado:

    "The Cyberdemon it's like an Imp,but it's freaking huge and it fire rockets"
    – Michael Bay

  32. يقول J Potter:

    If you had told me 27yrs ago that people would be obsessing over this minutiae 27yrs in the future … heh. I loved it then, love it now. A immortal classic, gotta know the classics!

  33. يقول Caroline Wald:

    Do an explanation of what a hit scanner is

  34. يقول Takeda:

    That lost soul charging at you while out of bounds is probably one of the scariest things I’ve seen all day.

    Clarification: when I was like 10 and just getting into brutal doom I’d have nightmares occasionally where I’d be in Doom and completely cornered by enemies and if I tried noclipping out of bounds a baron would chase me even out of bounds and he’d kill me even if freeze & god mode were on;
    It’s fucking terrifying to have control completely ripped from you when you think you’re in charge.

  35. يقول baller:

    The best part of doom is how fast he moves

  36. يقول airisYT ltu:

    Am I the only one who just realised that arachnotron has arms?

  37. يقول Berenstein Bear:

    So glad these games don't do dynamic difficulty shit

  38. يقول MaguitoXD:

    the best word "it's like an Imp"

  39. يقول Demogorgon47:

    Hey go easy on the John Romero's head when it comes to pain flinching! He was just trying to get ahead in life 😉

  40. يقول Demogorgon47:

    I always wondered why the Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemons could take rockets like they were hit by pebbles. Good to know the splash dmg doesn't work. Now I feel dumb for trying to lure them into an exploding barrel trap. Hahahahahaha.

  41. يقول Mallory SF:

    If only this review existed 25 years ago…

  42. يقول Andrew Popov:

    Wait, you said that barrels had 10 mass in the barrel description, but put it next to zombie dudes at the rankings with the mass of 100. I am confused

  43. يقول Qwerty:


  44. يقول FSF Returns:

    Huh, so the Arachnotron's width is the reason why I keep failing some UV Pacifist attempts in some megawads.

  45. يقول Substance20:

    The Revenant is basically an Imp with homing fireballs, boxing lessons and an unreasonably strict weight loss program

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