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33 thoughts on “An evolutionary perspective on human health and disease | Lara Durgavich

  1. يقول ClassicExampleBand:

    I figured out that living your life like our hunter gatherer ancestors in certain ways was a good idea all on my own.
    I'm certain that it is not a coincidence that our ancestors, as well as animals in nature, were and are perfectly healthy without listening to doctors, the government, some nutritionist or a multi billion dollar corporation telling them what to eat and how to be healthy, yet these days, practically 100 percent of people look to science and their doctor to tell them how to be healthy instead of looking at health from an evolutionary perspective.
    What have we done to ourselves following this wisdom?
    Cancer, heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, vitamin D deficiency, poor nutrition, auto immune diseases, and just a bunch of diet and lifestyle related diseases are murdering us and making our health terrible.

  2. يقول Kendra Sunderland:

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  3. يقول ankenny __:

    So much yet to explore in anthropology still its considered to be a dying field.

  4. يقول Hebrew Wolf:

    1:36 So you are telling me that Tay Sachs disease is anti-semite?

  5. يقول Ruination:

    Wish I was a hunter-gatherer.

  6. يقول Icecreamtruck Og:

    This is just part of evolution and you, the ten generations before you and the ten generations after you are just a insignificant blimp on the evolutionary path of the human race.

  7. يقول ladi jada:

    So squalid inbreeding causes Tay-Sachs disease, but increases IQ and protects from TB.

  8. يقول Ivan Melev:

    Gotta love those ad hoc explanations.

  9. يقول Sukarmi Sukarmi:

    You all who comment about her weight, do you all wanna say that Stephen Hawking stupid on sport science?

  10. يقول DC MO:

    TEDTALKS UHF wireless four-way microphone

  11. يقول Betty Boop:

    Honestly it's sad how this comment section is such a mess. She's got a point but yall just want to comment on her appearance.

  12. Many community should learn from this and stop marrying their cousins

  13. يقول digiryde:

    I remember reading a long time ago that the best way to extend the length of the human lifespan was to delay reproduction until in your 40s. Yes, there would be more problems for a while, but over time genetics and evolution would weed out the weaknesses and select for the strengths if we let it happen. The problem is the morality of letting it happen.

  14. Thank you so much for talking and sharing your personal story. Lovely watching and listening to you here on the top of the Italian mountain.

  15. يقول K S:

    What could be the ultimate prospective of having autoimmune disorder like lupus??

  16. يقول Riccardo S.:

    youtube has a funny sense of humor in this time

  17. يقول Freaky:

    She is so beautiful !

  18. يقول Alpha Romeo:

    Tells an overweight lady.

  19. يقول Sid Michael:

    Is she still pregnant?

  20. يقول BuckySwang:

    name dropping harvard lol

  21. يقول Justagirl92:

    This comment section is a disaster.

  22. يقول Rick Stinghel:

    I have a genetic disease, it causes degeneration in my eyes, in general in my central vision, but don’t is macular degeneration, according with the specialists in my country — Brazil. According with them, is degeneration of cells “cones e bastonetes” — in my language.

  23. يقول Leon Cooper:

    I'm not sexist but she's ugly, boring and a woman

  24. يقول The Internaut:

    Interesting content but the sound quality is so poor it's nearly unwatchable

  25. يقول -:

    In addition to the beneficial side-effect that Lara mentioned, there's two other salient points on why a bad gene might not be eliminated through evolution:
    (1) – There is nothing natural about humans anymore; medical science kicks natural-selection in the crotch and lets people with horrible conditions survive, which isn't bad, but it also lets them have biological children which is bad because humans are selfish idiots who don't think of the right thing and do what they want (like having a biological child knowing full well they have bad genes that can put a horrible burden on their children. So complaining about natural-selection is specious. (No, medicine isn't new, humans have been using it to keep people alive for thousands of years, so you can't argue that it couldn't have had an effect on evolution.)
    (2) – As she touched on at the end, Jews are (in)famous for preferring to "keep it in the tribe" as they say and procreate with other Jews as much as possible, hence the gene pool is shallower than the general population which exacerbates and proliferates genetic conditions.

  26. I like Lara Durgavich. The Tay Sachs thing reminds me of Watson's Secret of Life, great read.

  27. يقول Balancing Life:

    Watch from. 3:04 there is your answer!

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